Confused!! Does Konosuba Plan On Announcing A New Anime Or A Feature Film Soon? Everything You Need To Know About Konosuba’s Third Season


Is Konosuba season 3 and the accompanying movie confusing you? Recently, news of a new Konosuba anime series has surfaced. This might be for a new season or a movie, but it’s not obvious just yet which.

Does Konosuba Plan On Announcing A New Anime Or A Feature Film Soon?

Many fans are perplexed by Konosuba’s confirmation. Many fans are eager to find out how many light novel volumes Konosuba season 3

will have. These questions and their answers can be found in the sections below. For Konosuba season 3, we’ll find out if it’s a TV show or a movie.

Konosuba’s Third Season Or Movie Is Coming Soon?

Konosuba tells the storey of Kazuma Sato, a Japanese shut-in who meets Goddess Aqua. His post-death meeting with the Goddess and subsequent reincarnations are linked with many fantasy motifs.

To defeat the Demon King, Kazuma has been reincarnated in an MMORPG-style setting. In spite of this, Kazuma and his pals face various challenges in seeing the monarch due to their associations with “forgetful aqua,”

“the explosion-obsessed wizard Megumin,” and “the sadistically melancholy Darkness.” Because of Konosuba’s two-season narrative arc, the movie follows on from those stories.

People are apprehensive of what Konosuba’s next season or movie will be as a result. There will be a third season with episodes from both the 2016 and 2017 seasons.

The first two seasons of the Konosuba anime featured episodes from volumes 1 and 2, with episodes 3 and 4 airing in the second season. The sixth book in the series was made into a movie. Who knows what’s going to happen next.

In the upcoming film or television series, the light novel’s sixth volume will be represented. No one knows for sure, but it’s plausible. Season 3 of Konosuba may begin with the release of the novel’s next volume, according to rumours.

The Day That Konosuba Season 3 Will Be Released Has Been Announced.

The release date for Konosuba’s third season is still a mystery. When it comes to a premiere date or any other specifics, Konosuba didn’t reveal anything. Season 3 of Konosuba will most likely be released in 2023, rather than this year.

After a minimum of 12 months of work, the final take will be released. He is currently working on “Princess Connect!!” as the director of Konosuba. There is now a second season of “Dive.” In other words, Konosuba is expected to be released during the next calendar year.

Season 3 Of Konosuba: The Story Of The Main Characters

As a fantasy anime series, there are many characters to be found in the first and second seasons, along with a few in the feature films. It’s safe to assume the cast will remain unchanged for Season 3. Listed below are the lead and supporting actors and actresses who appear in the film:

Kazuma- Jun Fukushima 

Aqua- Amamiya Ten 

Megumin- Rie Takahashi 

Dakness- Ai Kayano 

Yun Yun- Aki Toyosaki


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