Home News Coronavirus Updates: US Close To 20 Million Cases

Coronavirus Updates: US Close To 20 Million Cases

Coronavirus Updates

According to the latest numbers coming from the CDC, more than 335,000 deaths have been reported across the country due to covid-19.

The number of hospitalizations across the country is at record levels, and the situation is getting worse in several States.

Coronavirus Updates: US Close To 20 Million Cases

Across the world, the total number of covid-19 has crossed 80 million, and the death toll has surpassed 1.8 million.

Coronavirus Updates

In the US, the total number of covid-19 cases are getting close to 20 million, and the situation is not looking optimistic for the next few weeks.

The CDC has warned that there can be a huge surge in the number of new coronavirus cases soon after the year-end holidays.

More than 10 million people traveled across the country during the holidays, according to reports by TSA.

Despite the warnings given by CDC and other health authorities, travelers did not slow down on holiday plans and continued to travel during the festival season. Health experts argue that this will have serious repercussions in the next few weeks.

The situation is already bad in some states like California. The number of ICU beds in the state is at a record low, and public healthcare is burdened beyond its capacity.

Several doctors and medical staff are working without taking a break for the last few weeks to manage the heavy inflow of covid-19 patients.

CDC has warned that a similar situation can be seen in other states in the next few weeks, and hospitals have to be prepared to handle the situation.

In states like California, non-covid patients are getting less priority, and most of them are postponing non-emergency surgery for many months. This can also have serious implications on their health, and the effect will be visible in the future.

Hospitals do not have many options in this regard as they have to give priority to covid-19 patients during this pandemic situation.

California has about 8000 ICU beds, and close to half of the beds are now reserved for covid-19 patients. The local public healthcare authorities say that there is a severe shortage of ICU beds, and they may soon run out of such options for covid-19 patients.

The total number of per day covid-19 cases in the US is close to 200,000 since the last few weeks. The recent surge can be attributed to the travel and gatherings during the Thanksgiving event.

Experts say that the surge that is likely to come after the Christmas holidays will be bigger, and it will test the nerves of the public health system in the US.

The total number of hospitalizations across the US has not come down below 100,000 since the last few days. This is presenting a scary situation for the hospitals, and they are worried that a further spike in the number of hospitalizations will put a huge burden on the health care system.

Meanwhile, there is some positive news in terms of covid-19 vaccine development as three other companies apart from Pfizer and Moderna are close to the final stages of clinical trials.

According to health experts, the Federal government is likely to have vaccine supply from as many as five companies in the next few months.

If the FDA provides approval to vaccines developed by several companies, the Federal government will have more options with regards to providing vaccines to a majority of Americans within a short duration of time.

The CDC has suggested that more than 80% of the population should be vaccinated in order to reach the herd immunity level. The authorities have expressed hope that they will be able to reach this target by the end of next year.



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