Coronavirus Updates: US Reports More Than 3500 Deaths On Single Day


On Wednesday, a total number of more than 240,000 coronavirus cases were reported all over the country. The scary picture came in the form of more than 3500 deaths being reported on a single day. The number of new hospitalizations also reached a peak for the 11th straight day.

Even as vaccinations picked up pace across the country, there was no dip in the new infections. The CDC has warned that the numbers may not come down for the next few months and people have to be cautious till the vaccine can reach a majority of people across the country.

Coronavirus Updates: US Reports More Than 3500 Deaths On Single Day

The Pfizer vaccine was shipped with five doses in each vial across the country. However, some pharmacists have said that they could get six or even seven doses from each one. This is due to the change in the needle size and syringe used to provide the vaccine. FDA said that they were working with Pfizer in this regard and they would share further updates shortly.

US Reports More Than 3500 Deaths On Single Day

FDA said that this was good news as additional doses could be squeezed from the doses in this manner. As of now, hospitals across the country are vaccinating high-risk health care workers. Several pharmacies have joined hands to supply the vaccines to needy hospitals.

In some states, the vulnerable residents were given the vaccines. It is expected that more than 20 million people may get vaccinated by the end of this month, and this is a sign of huge relief for the front line workers. The numbers may go up once Moderna also gets FDA approval this week. The vaccine maker is hopeful that the FDA will provide approval after getting recommendations from the advisory committee.

The CDC has said that close to 3 million doses of vaccine have already been sent for delivery and another 3 million are on hold for the second shot that is to be given after three weeks.

According to the latest data, more than 113,000 new patients have been hospitalized for the last few weeks. However, vaccinations may change the trajectory in the next few months.

Till that time, experts suggest that people should be cautious about the disease and use masks and other safety measures in public places. During the festival season, they should practice social distancing and try to avoid traveling for pleasure. The recent surge in the number of coronavirus cases was due to the Thanksgiving event, as most people gather in private and public places to celebrate the event.

During the Christmas season, the numbers may go up as people move around for shopping and visiting family members. The CDC has said that it is not possible to flatten the curve till the time everyone takes the disease seriously and practices social distancing in public places.

The second Covid 19 vaccine developed by Moderna is likely to get approval this week from the FDA. This is good news as the authorities will have more than one vaccine to handle the pandemic, and supply shortage can be addressed to some extent with this option.

Experts say that it is important to take the same vaccine for the second dose as the ingredients of the vaccine may change from one manufacturer to another. As per initial data, the technology used by both the vaccine makers is similar, and both of them are found to be safe and effective in a majority of cases. In this regard, the FDA has given emergency use approval for the vaccines. However, the full approval is pending, and it will be given once further clinical trials are done by the manufacturers.


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