Home Top News Covid-19 Is Deadly For Adults With Down Syndrome

Covid-19 Is Deadly For Adults With Down Syndrome

Covid-19 Is Deadly For Adults With Down Syndrome

As per a recent study paper released, it is being said that adults who are more than 40-years in age, and who are facing Down Syndrome are three to ten times more likely to die from Covid-19 in comparison to the general population. As per the recent findings, many had already suspected that people with genetic disorder, respiratory diseases, health conditions, and other risk factors for Coronavirus were more susceptible to the harmful effect of the virus.

Covid-19 Is Deadly For Adults With Down Syndrome

As per the recent report, a 40-year old with down syndrome has the same risk of Covid-19 as a 70-year old. The research paper was published by a researcher at Emory University in Atlanta. The research was a part of an international collaboration. Many researchers advocate that there is a need to prioritize vaccination for people with Down Syndrome. 

Covid-19 Is Deadly For Adults With Down Syndrome

Many researchers have helped the US Center for Disease Control and prevention to add Down Syndrome in the list of high-risk groups for priority vaccination. 

Many advocates also say that states aren’t emphasising the population with Down Syndrome. As per researchers and health experts, it is clear that the people with Down Syndrome need to be moved to the front line. The information was provided by Bill Ingebrigsten who belongs to Minnesota. He is imploring health officials to prioritize adults with these conditions. As per Bill, people are not yet realizing how difficult it will be for these individuals if they don’t get vaccinated on time.

In an earlier research conducted in the UK, it was concluded that older adults with Down Syndrome have five times more chances of getting vaccinated with the virus and ten-times more likely to die.

Most of the research and studies concluded that it should be the priority of states to vaccinate people with these conditions. 

As per Whitten, there needs to be no contest in this matter. Caregivers should be vaccinated and it should begin with the higher risk to lower. If proper care is not given at present, it can have horrible repercussions. There is no one as worthy as people with Down Syndrome and it is important that they get vaccinated.

In February, a health official from Minnesota reset the vaccination distribution priority level. Thus, almost 2000 adults with Down Syndrome will now be eligible for the vaccine once 70% of residents 65 older will receive it in late March. 

The move also followed a campaign that was led by advocates and parent groups demanding higher priority of vaccination for patients with Down Syndrome.

In the US, different states have different laws and priority status for vaccination of people with Down Syndrome. In the US, more than 300k to 400k people suffer from Down Syndrome, which is a disease in which people are born with an extra chromosome. The average lifespan of people with Down Syndrome has increased dramatically since the 80s. A rise in the Global Down Syndrome Foundation attributes to the discontinued practice of institutionalizing such individuals.



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