WHO Emergency Committee: COVID-19 Pandemic ‘Nowhere Near Finished’


According to the multinational team of specialists, there was a good chance that new severe coronavirus strains may arise. The same has been reported from a variety of countries and now the experts are all set to find the options that can help counter this new variant of the deadly virus.

Considering the spread of the new virus WHO chief has to declare that our war against this pandemic is not over yet as we have entered into a new phase of the same and hence more cautions and strict actions must be taken.

COVID-19 Pandemic ‘Nowhere Near Finished

This COVID-19 epidemic is “far from over,” according to the WHO’s Emergencies Group as new severe versions are expected to arise. After a session, by its board WHO issued a declaration expressing worry regarding extremely transmittable coronavirus subtypes including the delta variation while concluding that the COVID-19 epidemic remained a public health crisis of worldwide concerns.

As per the release, the group noted “the substantial possibility of the creation and worldwide dissemination of newer & potentially highly harmful varieties of concerns which could be much greater difficult to manage.

“The panel was concerned because the epidemic is getting misrepresented as ending while it is far from it,” WHO Chief General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus stated at a news briefing on Thursday. As per him, many countries have lifted the restrictions which may lead to serious troubles in the coming days.

Considering the restricted worldwide accessibility & unequal administration of COVID-19 vaccinations, the global committee of specialists further suggested that member countries never utilize evidence of vaccinations as it’s the sole condition to foreign traveling.

State Party must take a threat strategy to global transit assistance by removing restrictions, like testing and/or quarantined restrictions, where feasible, in line by Who recommendations,” according to the declaration.

WHO stated in a study released on Tuesday that worldwide coronavirus infections were continuing to rise, with mortality increasing for the first occasion in eight weeks. This contagious delta form, which is projected to be the predominant variant spreading globally, has been identified including over 120 nations according to the paper.

In contrast to the SARS pandemic, the government reaction to COVID-19 had proved more open and effective.  Nevertheless, there are many lessons to be learned by COVID-19 in the case of subsequent epidemics.

It has been reported that the Chinese central authority provided viral reaction instructions 13 days earlier the general public was told. This could have slowed the introduction of containment techniques that could have slowed viral propagation, such as public and workplace reporting of suspicious cases.

COVID-19, a recent epidemic, has been declared a worldwide health crisis.  The amount of verified infections has to continue to climb globally, with a total of 90,870 lab cases and over 3,000 fatalities. It’s becoming evident that isolation alone might not be enough to stop COVID-19 from spreading, and the worldwide implications of this virus are causing increasing concern.

To aid the production of a virus-specific vaccine, more study is surely required to better clarify the exact process of sentient and animal-to-human transmission. COVID-19’s pandemic potential clearly necessitates constant surveillance and monitoring in order to precisely track and maybe anticipate its eventual host adaption, mutation, virulence, and pathogenicity.

These variables will have an impact on mortality rates and outcomes in the long run. The fast-moving aspect of the COVID-2019 pandemic, constantly changing numbers, and the ongoing unraveling of additional study results, however, is a key drawback of the current review. However, it is also our job as a professional community to be informed of the abovementioned signs and indications and to escalate suspicious cases as soon as possible.


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