COVID-19 Rages Across The Country With Record Numbers Of Cases In States

COVID-19 Rages Across The Country With Record Numbers Of Cases

The total number of deaths is raging with records in the U.S when 2020 is about to end. With more than 3,740 COVID-19 fatalities on Wednesday, the U.S. reported a record death for the second day in a row.

The new Centres for Disease Control and Prevention ensemble predicted projects offer a stark reminder that the nation didn’t retrieve from challenging times.

COVID-19 Rages Across The Country With Record Numbers Of Cases In States

The outlook is grim for January too, with the estimated number of more than 80,000 American’s of COVID-19 in the coming row of three weeks.  

COVID-19 Rages Across The Country With Record Numbers Of Cases

Amidst the current vaccine distribution, the latest prediction says that the pace of vaccination is slower than what experts expected. They thought that the vaccines would only make any meaningful impact once they are widely available to the public, but the current situation indicates that wouldn’t happen until summer.

Meanwhile, the total number of hospitalizations in COVID cases remains elevated. The COVID tracking project reports 125,200 hospitalized cases on Wednesday, in which the U.S. set a fresh record. Surprising trends have been reported around the states as well.

Many hospitals got crowded and struggled to find places to put new patients. 

The critically ill patients in Santa Clara, California are treated in the emergency room since there is no space left in ICUs.

While confronting the press on Thursday, the emergency room doctor Marko Randazzo said that the only time they could move a patient is probably after someone dies. 

John Hopkins University data shows that on Wednesday, the total COVID-19 deaths reported were above 3,740. It is the most tallied number in a single day during the pandemic.

The condition of Georgia is no less. The total number of cases is doubled and more than the range 6 weeks ago. The large convention center of Atlanta is again being prepared to use as an overflow medical center by the officials.

Gov. Brian Kemp said Thursday that at the end of this week they would start to accept patients at the Georgia World Congress Center.

Many states are having the highest single-day count like Mississippi and Louisiana. Reports from Texas shows that the hospitalization cases made records for the third day in a row. 

People faced restrictions on new year’s eve in New Orleans to indoor bar facilities, breweries, and adult entertainment venues since they were closed on Thursday.

The residents in Nevada were also being urged by the governor Steve Sisolak to avert high-risk activities to slow down the spread. 

California’s Los Angeles County exceeded 10,000 total deaths on Wednesday. The Los Angeles mayor urged people to make new year resolutions to stop the spread of the virus by a stay-at-home strategy.


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