COVID-19 Recovered Individuals Safe For The Next 10 Months

COVID-19 Recovered Individuals Safe For The Next 10 Months

The global pandemic has been caused due to the deadly coronavirus which can be fought by gaining immunity and being vaccinated.

Here’s a piece of good news for the people who have already witnessed the attack of the deadly coronavirus, which is their bodies have built antibodies that are going to fight against the virus for nearly 10 months.

COVID-19 Recovered Individuals Safe For The Next 10 Months

In simple words, if you have recovered from the coronavirus once it is likely that you will not get affected for the next ten months.

COVID-19 Recovered Individuals Safe For The Next 10 Months

From a study conducted by the researchers, they analyzed that people from the nursing home with prior infection of the virus were 85 percent less prone to have been suffering from the virus again, whereas the staff of the nursing home with prior infection was 60 percent less prone to suffering from the virus again when compared to the ones who have not been hit by the coronavirus even once.

With a total of six hundred and thirty-four people, approximately four residents of the nursing home and ten staff members of the nursing home were re-infected after prior infection of the virus in comparison to ninety-three residents and hundred and eleven staff members of the nursing home out of 1477 total population who were never infected.

The lead author of the University of College London (UCL) from the institute of health informatics, Maria Krutikov states how good it is to know that natural infection of the virus protects you from being affected again at this time. The risk is very low to get infected again by the coronavirus.

Maria Krutikov also states that “The fact that prior covid 19 infection gives a high level of protection to care, home residents, is also reassuring, given past concerns that these individuals might have less robust immune responses associated with increasing age.” She also adds that this study does not focus much on this specific vulnerable group which makes these researches more important.

A senior author from University College of London, Laura Shallcross also opens up saying “This was a unique opportunity to look at the protective effect of natural infection in this cohort ahead of the roll-out of vaccination. An important next step is to investigate the duration of immunity following natural infection and vaccination, and to assess whether this protective effect is maintained against current and emerging variants.”

Re-infection or natural infection of the deadly coronavirus can be prevented by following self-protection steps. They include wearing a mask when in public or even while getting out of your home and keep a maximum distance of six feet away from people around you.

You must wash your hands regularly, or as many times you go out or touch common surfaces and avoid going to crowded places let it be supermarkets or banks. You need to make sure you keep sanitizers with you all the times and surface disinfectants which are gas sprays that disinfect areas such as doorknobs, floors, bags, cushions, beds and many more. 


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