Home Top News Covid-19 US Travel Restrictions: Guide For March 2021

Covid-19 US Travel Restrictions: Guide For March 2021

Covid-19 US Travel Restrictions: Guide For March 2021

The signs of improvement can be seen for the Covid-19 pandemic in the US. more and more people are getting vaccinated. The Covid-19 vaccination continues to ramp up across the US as well as the world. New Covid-19 cases have also declined in the past few weeks. 

Covid-19 US Travel Restrictions: Guide For March 2021

The introduction of the vaccine and the indoor gathering due to the holiday season has helped the number of cases to lower down.

Still, Dr Anthiny Fauci, who is an infectious disease expert pointed out that the cases of Covid-19 have plateaued and it’s on par with the worst of last summer’s surge. Thus, it would be no surprise if domestic travel restrictions are placed by certain states.

Covid-19 US Travel Restrictions: Guide For March 2021

While some states have no travel restrictions, many states have placed restrictions with certain amendments. 

Following are the updated list of travel restrictions for some of the major states in the US.


As of March 5, Alabama has no statewide restriction on travel for US visitors.


Interstate travellers who are planning to travel to Alaska won’t have to provide a negative Covid-19 PCR test result in order to get an entry. But, they are encouraged and appreciated if they do so.


As on March 5, Arizona does not have a statewide travel restriction for the US travelers and visitors. But, some of the natuve tribal lands have their separate restrictions. 


California too doesn’t have a statewide restriction for travelers. Governor Gavin Newsom’s stay-at-home order was lifted on January 25 but certain local orders remain in effect.

As per the information given, San Francisco has ordered a mandatory, 10-day quarantine for travelers who are coming from areas that are outside the nine-county bay area.

In Santa Clara County, travelers originating from more than 150-miles away should be quarantined for at least 10-days upon arrival.


People who are spending one or more nights in the area need to complete a Traveller affidavit. Those people who are aged 10 or more need to have a negative Covid-19 test taken within 72 hours of arrival. NAAT and PCR tests will be preferred.


A policy update for Connecticut will take place on March 19. Till then, Governor Ned Lamont’s Executive order No. 9S will be in effect. As per this order, travellers, who are entering Connecticut from any other states other than New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island must be quarantined for 10-days and they need to fill complete Connecticut Travel Health Form after arrival.


Hawaii’s interstate travel restriction will continue. The rules can vary depending on the Island state you are visiting. The lawmakers are currently drafting a bull that can standardize the travel restrictions across all counties.


Illinois doesn’t have statewide travel restrictions. Chicago’s Emergency travel order will apply to anyone who will enter or return to the city from the states that are identified as having significant Covid-19 spread.

So, if you are travelling to or from any of these states in the US, make sure to follow the restrictions and rules.



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