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Covid-19 Boosters Are Not Only For The Elderly


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention diverges a bit from its advisor recommendations. Pfizer-BioNTech boosters get approval from the CDC.

The booster doses can now be administered to the elderly and some adults.

Covid-19 Boosters Are Not Only For The Elderly

On Friday morning, Dr. Walensky, CDC director, gives a green flag to booster doses for the elderly and some adults. The independent advisory committee of CDC opposed the usage of booster shots for citizens aged 18-64. 

Covid-19 Boosters Are Not Only For The Elderly

Dr. Walensky says that Booster doses will be available for adults working in high-risk environments. He added that people aged 18-49 having underlying medical conditions; may get booster doses considering their benefits and risks.

The ACIP members voted nine over six opposing the recommendation of booster doses to people below 65.

Dr. Walensky’s decision comes in support of the FDA recommendations. FDA approved Pfizer booster dose for emergency use. The agency recommends booster doses for people aged 65 and older and people at high risk of infection.

Walensky gave the statement saying, ” as CDC director, I will decide the course of our actions for the betterment. We sometimes have to study imperfect data and come up with a concrete solution. Our decision is in favor of the optimized health of our citizens.” 

The official statement read, ” the elderly, adults working in long-term care facilities, citizens with underlying medical conditions, and adults at high risk of infection are eligible for the Pfizer-BioNTech booster shots.”

Moderna also applied for booster dose approval. Walensky says that CDC will be reviewing data from Moderna and Johnsons & Johnsons with the same sense of urgency.

President Joe Biden promised American citizens in mid-August, “every adult will receive booster doses.” 

Biden promised to start giving vaccines from September 20. However, the President missed his deadline, but the good news is that people in need of the booster doses will be able to receive them now.

The CDC studied data from Pfizer and the data from the Israeli government before making the decision.

Pfizer’s data included the results of its clinical trials involving over 300 people.

Israel health officials also claimed that the efficacy of vaccines reduces over six months. Therefore, booster doses are a need. Israel started offering booster doses to its citizens as young as 12 in the last month. They started giving their citizens booster doses in July.

Polls show that Americans are openly accepting the booster doses for enhancing their safety against the Covid-19 virus. 

Experts say that booster doses for Americans can change the Covid-19 scenario in the United States. Now, when the United States is experiencing a surge in Covid-19 cases and hospitalization, approval to booster doses may bring improvement. They say that booster doses are necessary for the elderly and adults at high risk of infection. 

There is an increasing need for booster doses in America, as the nation is experiencing a surge in new Covid-19 infections. The U.S. is reporting an increase in hospitalization and death.

The situation is unsettling as the number of vaccinated Covid-19 patients is rising. And this puts the unvaccinated people at higher risk of getting the infection.



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