Covid-19 Death Data: US Nears More Than 500K Death

As per data unveiled on Sunday, The US remains on the brink of 500K death due to the dangerous impact of Coronavirus. Since the beginning of last year, there has been almost 500K deaths due to the virus. While nations have geared themselves for high-scale vaccination rollout, the high scale death is worrying. 

Covid-19 Death Data: US Nears More Than 500K Death

Some signs of hope can be seen from all across the world because of the vaccination. But still, the vaccination drive is in its nascent state. Deaths are still coming. President Biden last month warned that a total of 600K deaths can be expected if people do not pay attention at present. 

Covid-19 Death Data: US Nears More Than 500K Death

The number of deaths in the US presents a grim picture and we have seen nothing like this in history. Since the pandemic influenza in 1918, the US has not witnessed anything like this. Thus, this pandemic has killed so many people and people are comparing it with the pandemic of 1918.

As of Sunday night, the death toll at Johns Hopkins University tracked almost 498,879 deaths due to the coronavirus. Globally there are more than 2.5 million deaths due to the coronavirus. America’s first death due to the virus happened in February last year. It took more than 3-months duration to pass the 100K mark. As the outbreak of the virus increased, the speed of death in the USA increased. 

As per Dr, Fauci, the number of new infections on an everyday basis was on a high-level decline after the peaking of death in January. But, at present, normal life seems far. If people do not pay enough attention and if they don’t wear the mask, Americans may also have to wear masks in 2022. As per Dr. Fauci, we may witness normal life only after fall this year. 

As per a data by the United States CDC, more than 61 million people have received their first dose of vaccine. In addition to this, almost 18 million people have also received the second dose of vaccine. President Biden has an aim to vaccinate 100 million people within the 100-days of his newly appointed administration. 

As per a news from Britain, the government has vouched to vaccinate dozens of adults by the end of July. The country has not eased lockdown because of the new strain of virus. More than 17-million people in the UK have received the first dose of the vaccine. 

As per a statement by President Biden, the challenge of vaccinating people is as challenging as manufacturing of the vaccine. Lots of structural adjustments are made and officials are working day and night to make sure that people can get the vaccine. When asked if 100 million vaccination will get completed within 100 days of office, he said that we are on a way to fulfill our goal. Infact, the goal can also be surpassed. 

Because of the poor weather conditions, the vaccination was slowed down but this week, the vaccination drive will certainly gain momentum.

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