COVID Has Been Diagnosed Against The Tokyo Revengers! It’s Possible That Future Chapters Will Be Rescheduled


It’s going to be a hard week for Tokyo Revengers readers. An undisclosed length of time has been added to the manga’s production timetable due to the diagnosis of Covid by one of the manga artists working on the textual team.

COVID Has Been Diagnosed Against The Tokyo Revengers!

The action heats up when Mitsuyo and Haitani face off. To help Mitsuyo through this experience, Shiba Akkai steps in. In addition, Hanagaki


and Kakucho were fighting it out on the battlefield. Supporters may become impatient and restless if there is a break between two events. To find out more, keep reading.

Everything You Need To Know About Tokyo Revengers

2017 saw the launch of Tokyo Revengers, a Japanese comic book series written and drawn by Ken Wakui. Since then, the manga has been serialised in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine. January 20, 2022 saw the manga’s global circulation reach 50 million copies.

Tokyo Manji Gang was responsible for the deaths of Takemichi Hanagaki, 26, his ex-girlfriend and her younger brother, a young guy just as young as Takemichi Hanagaki.

Takemichi goes back in time 12 years in order to save his friends from the Manji Gang. In the wake of Takemichi’s realisation that he can alter the flow of time, he sets out to do it.

The Previous Chapters Were Examined In Detail.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 247: The Big Day Has Arrived has been released online. Second generation Tokyo Manji Kai members were featured on the cover of volume 247 in a fresh appeal. For the most part, previous chapters focused on Takemichi and his personal growth rather than the Tokyo Manji gang.

Unanswered questions are abound. As Tokyo and Kentou Manji battle it out, what’s the end result of everything? What are the chances that Hanagaki will win? Do you think Takemichi and Kakucho will fight?

The two gangs were fighting when Haitani Rindou observed his brother being injured. When Haitani was helping Mitsuya, Mitsuya harmed Haitani’s brother. The two go into a fistfight, and the chapter concludes with Shiba Hakkai and Mitsuya joining forces to help out.

Here Is The latest Chapter.

This week’s release date for the next chapter of Tokyo Revengers may have to be pushed back. On March 23rd, Chapter 247 was published ahead of schedule. Chapter 249 is the most likely candidate for a one-week delay. The manga’s publisher will allow online access to all of the manga’s chapters.




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