Covid News For The Week: Success And Failure For The Week

Covid News For The Week: Success And Failure For The Week

In this news article, we will try to uncover the success and failure regarding covid-19 cases this week in the United States. 

As per a recent update by the Biden Administration, President Biden is all set to announce a $4 billion US commitment for a global vaccine alliance known as COVAX. This new project is aimed at helping poor nations to inoculate their population.  

Success And Failure For The Week

The outline of the plan will be provided during a virtual meeting that will be conducted on Friday with G7 members. The White House has planned to release a total of $2 billion funds immediately and additional $2 billion will be used as leverage to get other wealthy nations to contribute to the global vaccine effort. All these details were briefed by officials on the condition of anonymity. 

Covid News For The Week: Success And Failure For The Week

As per the recent news by European Union, the executive’s commission is also planning to double its contribution to the Global vaccination program. They have made a commitment of $1.2 billion. 

In a statement given in December, officials at Covax said that they had a shortfall of more than $4 billion. If the shortfall won’t be filled, it could lead to a protracted pandemic. It will also have severe economic consequences for rich as well as poor nations alike.

Many scientists believe that if all wealthy nations hoard the vaccine, the virus will continue to mutate and it will also return back to threaten the United States as well as other nations. 

Many contagious variants of the viruses are already in circulation in the United States as well as other countries of the world. As per a report by CDC on thursday, there are almost 1549 cases of coronavirus in the United States due to the new variant of the vaccine. The new variant was spotted first in the UK, South Africa, Brazil, and the United States.

Headlines for the week

  • The tense negotiations by Califirnia legislators came to an end on Thursday and they  agreed for a $6.5 billion proposal. This new proposal will be helpful in getting students back to the classroom. 
  • As per a report released by President Biden’s administration., a new Covid-19 vaccine manufacturing facility near Kalamazoo in Michigan
  • In a seven-day ending period, the United States has reported less than 2000 Covid-19 deaths on an average. This has happened for the very first time after December. The data was released by Johns Hopkins University. Last week, the data related to death due to Covid-19 was 13,841. Thus, there has been a reduction in almost 41% from last week to next week.
  • Two women from Florida who were dressed as grannies tried to get their second shot of the vaccine. The young women wore bonnets and glasses. Due to this trick, they had already received their first shot. 
  • Vaccine shipments were delayed because of the storm. Many vaccine delivery centers were closed due to harsh weather conditions and it led to delays in vaccination drive.

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