Covid Numbers In The US Deeply Concerning: Surgeon General


According to an update provided by the US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy on Sunday, the number of novel coronavirus cases in the nation is “deeply concerning”. He added that the rapid spread of the delta variant of the coronavirus has deeply affected the population, especially the nation.

According to him, there are more children hospitalized in the US due to coronavirus infection than at any time during the entire duration of the pandemic.

Covid Numbers In The US Deeply Concerning: Surgeon General

Based on data released by John Hopkins University and the CSC, more than 1,51,000 cases are being reported daily on an average up over 1000% over that in June.

Covid Numbers In The US Deeply Concerning: Surgeon General

Mr. Murthy further added that out of the total number of active coronavirus cases reported in the country close to 18% of new transmissions were those involving children and the recent surge is all because of the delta variant of the virus.

Mr. Murthy expresses concern by saying “How high could they (the number of cases) go is an open question,”. He further added that most of the patients losing their lives in hospitals due to Covid-19 are unvaccinated.

He stated that the vaccines are doing their jobs and urged people to take their vaccine shots. He added that vaccinations are the best way to keep people out of hospitals and to save lives.

He further expressed some satisfaction with regards to the pace of vaccinations in the past week saying the million people getting a vaccine shot every day since the past 3 days is very encouraging and called on those who have not yet got vaccinations to get it fast.

He expected the number of vaccinations to climb in the coming days and weeks.

To encourage more and more people to take up vaccination, he is of the opinion to include a vaccine mandate for businesses, universities, and other public places.

  According to him not only would vaccine mandates make more people take up vaccine shots but also make workspaces and colleges safe.

Until this week, the Pfizer’s & Moderna’s vaccine had emergency use authorization. Since this wasn’t a full approval, lots of people have been hesitant to take up the vaccine. The US FDA(U.S. Food and Drug Administration) is expected to grant full approval for Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine.

Mr. Murthy believes that the full approval shall make people feel more comfortable for vaccination and the numbers shall increase gradually after full approval.

Also last week the US FDA has authorized the use of the third dose of Pfizer and Moderna vaccine as a booster shot to shore up protection from the deadly delta variant of the virus.

Meanwhile, school nurses are overwhelmed with the number of children affected by the virus. After mere 2 weeks of beginning school, a lot of children and teachers are under isolation or quarantine.

They are facing a moral dilemma of whether to follow the state protocols of not putting on masks or ask children to follow Covid appropriate behavior to reduce the spread of the virus. Parents are urging teachers and school authorities to make masking compulsory. But the politics of the state over mandates is making it frustrating for school authorities. 


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