Covid And Suicide: Japan Reports A Peak Hike In The Suicide Rate.

Covid And Suicide: Japan Reports A Peak Hike In The Suicide Rate.

There is a sudden rise in average is the rate of suicides in Japan this is very higher comparing to the rest of the world. Unlike the rest of the world, they are compiled at the end of each month. This rise in numbers has been a disturbing story for the nation especially during this global pandemic situation. At the beginning of 2020 for the first time in 11 years, suicide rates in japan risen at the same time the male suicide reduced slightly whereas the women suicide rate hiked to nearly 15%. In a single month of October, the female suicide rate in the country dart by more than 70%, compared with the same month in the previous year. The reality behind risen suicide tendency needs to be studied and it is also necessary to be valuated why does the COVID-19 pandemic appear to be hitting women so much worse than men. After conducting a meeting with a young woman who conducted numerous suicide attempts was a troubling experience for our reporter. 

Covid And Suicide: Japan Reports A Peak Hike In The Suicide Rate.

On the other hand, the suicide prevention team are sweating hard to work on this issue one of their representative share their best experience that a girl who attempted to kill herself for a bunch of times later given up for trying to die. What changed her mind was the intervention of the Bond Project. Also, they found her a safe place to live and began giving her post-suicidal intensive counseling. Jun Tachibana is the founder of the Bond Project she is a tough woman in her 40’s fighting with the prevention team with relentless optimism. She opinioned that “when girls are in real trouble and in pain, they really don’t know what to do,” she also added, “We are here, ready to listen to them, to tell them- we are here with you.”

Covid And Suicide: Japan Reports A Peak Hike In The Suicide Rate.

Ms. Tachibana stated COVID-19 seems to be pushing those who are already vulnerable closer to the edge. She describes some of the harrowing calls her staff has received in recent months.

Ms. Tachibana shared her experience about a girl talked to the other day who said she is getting sexually harassed by her father due to the covid crisis her father is not working so much and is at home for almost full time so there is no escape from him for her. Comparing to the previous history of the crisis in japan the 2008 banking crisis for example or the Japanese stock market crash etc. the impact was largely felt by middle-aged men. Large hikes were seen in male suicide rates. But the covid is giving a different type of impact mainly for young people and women due to complex reasons.

While looking at the developed nation japan always used to have the highest suicide rate over the last decade. And it had great success in reducing suicide rates by around a third. 

 Prof Ueda is of an opinion that japan has seen a large rise in single women living alone, and many of them choosing over marriage which entails more of a traditional gender role still. She also stated that young women are also far more likely to be in so-called precarious employment.

She also added that a lot of women are not married anymore, they must support their own lives and they do not have permanent jobs. So, when something happens, of course, they are hit very, very hard. The number of job losses among non-permanent staff is just so, so large over the last eight months.”

The monthly statistics for October last year say that 879 women suicided which are more than 70% higher than the same month in 2019. Some of the media even compared the total death of October month alone (2199) to the total death in japan from the coronavirus up to that point (2087). This number of suicides is also included with the popular Japanese actress Yuko Takeuchi who was found dead at her home and later concluded as a case of suicide.


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