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The story of TIADS gets more interesting every week. Leon has yet to find a wife and the difficulties are mounting for him. After defeating the prince, he explained his stupidity in not understanding Marie’s true intentions. But the prince seems to be in love. He refused to accept Angelica and continued his enterprise with Marie. After the battle, the prince renounced his title and left the kingdom. He is now preparing with other princes to take on Leon again in the near future. But Marie certainly has a hard time as she only wanted the prince for his title. So, here is everything about Trapped In A Dating Sim Episode 6.

The new episode advances the preparations for the cultural festival. The fight is finally over and Leon has been promoted to a higher rank. So he stays at the academy. With friends like Angelica and Olivia around him, he’s going to have a lot of fun this week. So the next version will emphasize this part.

Caught in a dating sim episode 6

Trapped in a Dating Sim Episode 6: What Will Happen Next?

Leon is now a top sixth tier. So he will stay at the academy longer than planned. This makes it difficult for him to find a wife. Leon wants to find a woman and get out of the game as soon as possible. However, things are piling up. There might be a chance that he will find love as the series progresses. But now it would be a little too early for the former knight. There’s also a cultural festival coming up, so the prince would be around again.

In Trapped In A Dating Sim Episode 6, Leon and the Prince share moments together. Also, Angelica and Olivia will prepare for the event. They will wear many outfits and show them to their new boyfriend. But soon the prince will appear. This will get Leon’s dislike. It’s likely that Leon will sulk at any comment made by a prince. In the episode, Leon will feel strange as it will be his first time being part of such an event.

Caught in a dating sim episode 6

Summary of the previous chapter!

Trapped In A Dating Sim Episode 5 begins with Prince and Leon on the battlefield, ready to face off. Leon mentioned the love Angelica has for the prince. However, the prince called his love for Marie much more superior since she really knew him. After a brief pause, Leon got tired of him and immediately ended the match by demolishing the prince. After the fight, he thought he could finally leave the academy and relinquish his title. He said his actions were a result of the kingdom.

Meanwhile, Angelica was feeling bad about the whole thing as Leon was going to be kicked out of the academy. She then spent her time with him with Olivia. The trio had fun and talked about many things. A messenger soon delivered that Leon was promoted to the upper sixth rank and his position at the Academy was restored. The man also mentioned that the prince is in training to defeat Leon next time. The episode ended with Leon hanging out with Angelica and Marie.

Caught in a dating sim episode 6

Caught in a Dating Sim Episode 6 Release Date

So, Trapped In A Dating Sim Episode 6 will be released on May 8th, 2022. The episode will be available on Crunchyroll. So stay tuned for more updates.


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