Home News DC Protests: Capitol Building Breached, 1 Woman Dead In Riots

DC Protests: Capitol Building Breached, 1 Woman Dead In Riots


As expected, pro-Trump supporters took to violent protests in Washington on Wednesday and even swarmed the Capitol building. Vice President Mike Pence had to be taken to a secure location, and the Senate Chamber had to be evacuated due to the violence.

A woman died of gunshot wounds during the incident. The shooting incident happened inside the Capitol, shocking everyone in the country. About 13 people had been arrested so far in connection with the riots.

DC Protests: Capitol Building Breached, 1 Woman Dead In Riots

Curfew was imposed in the evening, and police in riot gear were stationed outside the Capitol to keep protesters at bay. The rioters managed to break through the security during the early hours and smashed windows inside the building. They also climbed the building’s balconies. The riots were so severe that police resorted to using tear gas and percussion grenades on the mob.

The House continued the counting of electoral college votes later in the Capitol. An hour before the protesters broke through the security barricade at the Capitol; Trump had urged them to go to the building. Trump said that Republicans need to exhibit the pride and boldness needed to take back our country.

However, Trump later tweeted and asked the protesters to stay peaceful. He asked them to go home and stay calm. Joe Biden reacted to the incident and asked Trump to go on national TV and demand an end to the siege. He added that it was not a protest but an insurrection by the mob.

Several protests rocked the nation on Wednesday at statehouses of Minnesota, Georgia, Kansas, Ohio, New Mexico, Los Angeles, and Iowa. In LA, supporters of Trump clashed with demonstrators who were against the rallies, and four people were arrested in such incidents.

Meanwhile, Twitter has locked the account of Trump for violation of Civic Integrity policy and warned that the account would be permanently suspended in case of future violations. As of now, the account is locked only for 12 hours, and the Twitter executives are removing three tweets posted by Trump on Wednesday.

DC Protests: Capitol Building Breached, 1 Woman Dead In Riots

Twitter officials said that if Trump does not agree to remove those tweets that justified the violent acts by the mob on Wednesday, they will continue to lock the account in the future.

The riots at the Capitol turned ugly when a woman was shot inside the Capitol. She died in the afternoon, and the entire incident was caught on security cameras. Several videos are circulating on social media that showed the woman fall to the ground after being shot inside the building.

Eyewitnesses recall the incident and said that the police yelled for the mob to get back as soon as they stormed into the chambers. However, the woman did not listen to the warnings and marched ahead that prompted the officers to open fire. She was shot in the neck and collapsed soon after that inside the chamber.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that the incident was a shameful assault on US democracy and clarified that the counting of electoral college votes would continue through the night. This will officially certify Biden’s election as the President.

Several leaders across the world were shocked to see such incidents unfolding in Washington and commented on the issue. Most of them were surprised that the US democracy that is a role model to other nations had reached such low levels in recent months.

Lawmakers from both parties condemned the Capitol riot and said that this was an attack on US democracy. However, several protesters celebrated outside the building about the Capitol breach. Meanwhile, Trump continued to claim the elections being rigged. He said that he would continue to fight against the rigged election.



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