Death Rate Declines In The United States, Caution Still Needed

Death Rate Declines In The United States, Caution Still Needed

It is relieving to see that finally after humongous efforts and almost a year later, there seems a way out of this pandemic. Everybody is experiencing the exhaustion of the bondages that have been put on them. Increasing cases of mental health issues is a clear indication that the situation is stressful for people.

Death Rate Declines In The United States, Caution Still Needed

But there’s good news the deaths due to the covid-19 disease have started to decline and finally, there seems hope at the end of the tunnel. A few weeks back new cases saw a sharp decline and now the death rates have also started declining. Covid-19 vaccinations are also being administered. So, all in all, everything is going to be ok in the coming times. This assurance would be visible in real-time only when we keep taking precautionary steps.

Death Rate Declines In The United States, Caution Still Needed

This is not the first time that the death rate is falling. Earlier in the winter season, a sharp surge for new cases was seen and the situation of covid-19 seemed to go out of hand. But, as the more vulnerable population is being vaccinated every day, the risk of them getting infected with the virus is very less now. But, this is not the end of the road. We still have a long way to go and necessary precautions like maintaining a suitable physical distance and wearing a mask. The figures have dropped to around 1,400 deaths from more than 2,000 deaths per day.

The director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention said that he is optimistic that the worst phase has passed and now we can take over the grim situation caused by the pandemic. The nation is bruised and the healing process has started. This all was said by the Director at the briefing which was held in the White House. Other experts say it will be too soon to say anything regarding the decline in the death rate. They are worried that the hospitals are overwhelmed and running at full capacity, the death rate has fallen but new cases are still being reported in record numbers. 

The situation has not deteriorated further which is a good sign but to maintain the same and for betterment, all the indoor gatherings, dine-in facilities, and not wearing masks should stop with immediate effect. The experts have also shown concerns about several states scraping the mask mandates. This could lead to disastrous effects and all the efforts put in by the health care workers, frontline medics, researchers, scientists could go in vain and this would be the last thing Americans would want.

The people who are frustrated because of the pandemic will immediately let their guard down and this will make others suffer as well. Also, the vaccine is being administered at a rampant pace but still, it would take time till September of this year to build herd immunity. At present time only 10% of the total adult population of the United States of America has been administered the vaccine shot. So, taking the virus for granted at present time would not be advisable at. You will be inviting the virus for yourself and your loved ones if you don’t adhere to the protocols and necessary precautions.

Health care workers have been administered the vaccines and the results are quite satisfying. Health care workers are protected now and they are not getting infected. But the exhaustion from working tirelessly is real. New cases need to go down and hospitals should not stay overwhelmed and this is only possible if every citizen takes caution.


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