Debate On President Biden’s $ 1.9 Trillion Covid Relief Bill.

Debate On President Biden’s $ 1.9 Trillion Covid Relief Bill.

There was a continuous debate on Friday in the U.S senate. The debate was about the $ 1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill. The new bill is presented by President Joe Biden’s first major legislative initiative. 

Debate On President Biden’s $ 1.9 Trillion Covid Relief Bill.

The voting took place in the bill on a party- line  51-50 vote. The Democratic vice president Kamala Harris breaking the tie. But Republicans delayed the debat by reading the full text of the 628 page measure.

Debate On President Biden’s $ 1.9 Trillion Covid Relief Bill.

The senate expects the debate to continue for at least three hours on Friday before considering a multitude of amendments, which also requires a marathon voting session. Before finalising the voting session which could extend up to the weekend. Republicans are using different strategies to slow up the process.

If the senate approves the passed bill it will be sent back to the democratic- controlled house of representative for the final approval. Since there are no more votes to spare, Senate democrats have used all measures to make sure that all members can support it. 

If the relief bill is passed, it will steer more financial aid to smaller states in the US. it will also aid more infrastructure projects in the US.

The efforts by some senators who wanted to alter the temporary federal unemployment benefits failed on Friday. The Senate bill will keep the house plan for at least $400-every week. The payment process will begin on August 29. It is still unclear whether any of the senators will try to change the figure to $300 or not. The amendment of the bill will begin in the coming days.

As per Democratic Senate leader Chuck Schumer, the time is now to move forward towards taking big, strong, and bold steps in favor of American people. Republicans who have earlier backed the Covid-19 Relief bill when President Trump was the President are now criticizing the price tag of the bill.

As per the relief legislation the funding is for vaccines, medical supplies, job assistance, and new rounds of emergency financial aid to households and small businesses.

As per an opinion poll, the bill has support from the public at large. 

Democrat senators on Wednesday have tightened the criteria for stimulus checks so that fewer high-income households could qualify. 

The recent compromise may mean that almost 9 million households will receive the stimulus payment. It will also lower the cost of the bill by almost $12 billion.

On Thursday, they said that they have increased the minimum payment to states that have smaller rural populations so that it can match the $1.25 billion minimum contained in last year’s CARES Act. The bill passed by the house carried a cost of $500 million. The pandemic has killed more than 500K Americans and millions are out of work. The infection rates have subsided as more number of people are getting vaccinated. 

The senate bill will require support of at least 60 senators. But, the present Relief bill is being advanced under the legislative maneuver called as reconciliation so that it can be passed with a simple majority.


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