Decision Made By Countries Regarding AstraZeneca

Decision Made By Countries Regarding AstraZeneca

According to the EU’s drug regulator, AstraZeneca’s coronavirus vaccine will work strongly against the virus. They are firmly convinced about the same, even though several countries discarded the use of this over the fear of blood clots. Ms Cooke, chief of the European Medicines Agency, stated that they still agree and trust the benefits of the AstraZeneca vaccine even with its attributed risks of side effects. She also said that there is no proof and signs of this vaccine being dangerous to cause side effects and also mentioned the clinical trials in which no such side effects have come up.

Decision Made By Countries Regarding AstraZeneca

She then talks about the scheduled meeting with, The Amsterdam-based safety committee to know the information regarding the same and would get to a conclusion. On 16th, the EMA said that they are getting extra support from the national agencies to collect all the broken and missing pieces of the puzzle as soon as possible. It also said it would take steps for further action on Thursday. While continuing with the investigation, the EMA said that the vaccine’s advantages overlap with its side effects.

Decision Made By Countries Regarding AstraZeneca

After the reports of the blood clots, several European countries discarded the use of the vaccine. Experts of the World Health Organization are also about to meet to discuss the vaccine.

The EMA sanctioned The AstraZeneca on 29th January for people of all age groups. But, launching this vaccine was troublesome from the beginning. The symptoms showed by four patients who were all aged under 50 and lived in different parts of the country were never seen earlier, said Dr. Steinar Madsen.

These four people showed very rare symptoms along the lines of internal bleeding, blood clots, and low platelet count. Two of them have died, and the other two are being hospitalized and treated in the National Hospital in Oslo. Along with the treatment, the medical experts also seek to find a link between their condition and the vaccine.

The experts couldn’t find any link but were very clear about not using that vaccine until there are clear answers. Dr. Madsen stated that the four people did not have any medical issues beforehand, and they became sick only after taking the vaccine within seven to ten days.

He later added that their vaccine came from a different batch, and 30000 out of 120000 people vaccinated might end up facing the same condition as those four people. He also stated that they are trying to find answers and need some weeks to figure things out.

WHO chief scientist Soumya Swaminathan asked people not to panic and continue taking the AstraZeneca vaccine.

AstraZeneca vaccine was provided as a choice for poorer countries, and the reports about the clots now impact Europe. Indonesia postponed its launch of the vaccine yesterday, and Venezuela declared that it would not inject the shots and fears of ‘complications.’

The University of Oxford and AstraZeneca are the minds behind the development and making of this vaccine. Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister, persuaded all the Canadians to take the vaccine. AstraZeneca’s vaccine is just a reminder that the fight against Covid-19 is yet not over.


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