Delphi Digital’s new joint venture raises $10.3M in pre-foundation round


ScienceMagicStudios is a joint venture between leading crypto project incubator Delphi Digital and creative and strategy firm ScienceMagicInc. In a pre-seed round of funding, the new company raised $10.3 million from investors including Coinbase and Liberty City Ventures, CryptoMonday learned in a press release.

Realvision founder and macro investor Raul Pal also participated in the financing round. Other investors in the round included Digital Currency Group, Noam Gottsman and Alan Howard.

New company offers advice on digital assets

The new company will develop social tokens and digital assets such as NFTs for talent, brands and their communities. There is also a plan to mentor them. Funds raised in the pre-seed round are expected to help scale the platform to meet significant inbound demand. Commenting on the news, David Pemsel, co-founder and CEO of ScienceMagicStudios said:

Digital assets offer great potential for brands to connect with their communities in new ways and for talent to realize the true value of their work for the first time. But many brands are just beginning to understand this. To make the most of this opportunity and create lasting value, brands need a partner who understands their business, shares their values ​​and has in-depth knowledge of Web3 technologies.

Define brands within the Web3 ecosystem

ScienceMagicStudios works with its partners at every stage of building your Web3 presence. The aim is to better understand Web3 and to define a brand in the Web3 landscape. It is also about the question of how new properties can be developed and brought to market in this growing economy in order to better retain customers.

Investors in the new company include Alan Howard, Noam Gottsman, Frederick Court, the Khalili Brothers and Gil Weisblum. Web3 firms such as Coinbase Ventures, Heni and RealVision, as well as venture capital firms such as Digital Currency Group, Cultur3, ThirdPrime and Braven Howard Digital also participated.




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