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Democrats Advance $1.9 Trillion Covid-19 Aid Bill

Latest updates about the Covid-19 Aid bill arriving from Democrats in America. Newly elected President Biden’s Push for $1.9 Trillion relief bill took one step ahead in the right direction. On Friday, the House of Representatives committee declared that Democrats are hopeful to pass the bill by the end of the upcoming week.

Democrats Advance $1.9 Trillion Covid-19 Aid Bill

The new Covid-19 relief pill consists of more than 590 pages and it has been stitched together by the House Budget committee. The committee will have the task to carry out president Biden’s proposal to offer additional money for Covid-19 vaccine manufacturing and for purchase of other medical equipment. 

Democrats Advance $1.9 Trillion Covid-19 Aid Bill

On Friday, President Biden also took a tour to the Pfizer vaccine manufacturing plant in Michigan. This was his effort to ramp up the production of vaccines. Till date, only 15% of the United States population has been vaccinated. After the tour to Michigan vaccine manufacturing plant, President Biden said that he has a proposal to make the packaging of the vaccine less expensive. Referring to the critics by Republicans, President Biden asked if Republicans can offer a cut. 

In addition to the funding for medical supplies, the components of the aid plan will also lay emphasis on stimulating the United State’s economy. As per president Biden, the country’s economy has struggled for more than a year and there were numerous job layoffs and many businesses shattered because of the pandemic. More than 5,00,000 Americans got killed in the pandemic. Thus, the relief fund will offer direct payment to households and it will also offer different types of federal unemployment benefits. In addition to this, the aid will also go to the federal, local, and state government.

As per a statement by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, she is aiming to vote in the Democratic-controller chamber for passing of the Covid-19 relief bill. She also claimed that this was the top priority of the newly elected Biden administration. 

In addition to this, on Friday Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer, also said that the deeply divided chamber will pass the bill before March 14. 

Schumer also added that he will welcome any constructive amendments to the bill by Republicans. He also said that “make no mistake: because the era of Mitch McConnell’s Legislative graveyard is over”.

Senator McConnell, who is a Republican served as a majority leader from 2015 t0 2020. He had labeled himself as the Grim Reaper of the legislative initiative from the Democratic House.

There is a controversial proposal in the bill that says that the federal minimum wage will be increased to $15 per hour by 2025.

The provision also faces different difficulties. This means, Republicans will oppose it and at least two moderate senate democrats have warned that they will vote against it. 

More importantly, the senate parliamentarians may also prohibit the measures altogether. 

Most bills like this need to have a backing of at least 60 senators to get passed. Thus, we will have to wait till this bill gets passed.

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