Disaster Resilient Housing Effort by Leo Burnett for Suncorp Wins Grand Prix at Cannes


On the third night of Cannes Lions 2022, Leo Burnett Sydney was recognized with the Innovation Lions for a unique housing project created in partnership with The Glue Society for insurance company Suncorp Group.

Today ‘One House to Save Many’ – a weatherproof housing project and advertising campaign by Leo Burnett Sydney for Australian insurance provider Suncorp Group – received the Innovation Lions Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. According to the festival’s website, the award is given for “phenomenal innovation, technology and problem solving.” The project was selected from 117 category submissions.

Every year Australia suffers from extreme weather events and natural disasters that destroy homes and uproot life. Reconstruction efforts can often run into the billions of dollars. Suncorp set out to break that cycle by developing a new, safer way of home through design. It has attracted experts from James Cook University, Room 11 Architects and the Australian government agency Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization for a prototype housing that is fundamentally resistant not only to fire but also to floods, hurricanes and cyclones.

Leo Burnett created a 60 second TV spot to launch the One Home to Save Many campaign. This was followed by the Hero Spot, featuring social and external product promotions for Suncorp’s insurance services. The campaign directed viewers to an online portal where they could explore the flexible design features behind the One House prototype and learn how to incorporate similar features into their own housing. A documentary, broadcast on Australia’s Nine Network, was made to reinforce these efforts.

“In working with Suncorp, we wanted to do something that would make a tangible difference – transform the way homes are built and encourage people to see how the inevitable impacts of climate change can be addressed. More needs to be done to deal with it,” said Andy Leo Burnett, executive creative director Ferguson in Sydney, on the agency’s website. “‘One House to Save Many’ aims to make as many homes as Australians themselves possible.”

The campaign, previously selected for Innovation Lions, was praised by Innovation Lions Jury President and Chief Technology Officer, Wonderman Thompson US, Clev Gibbon, who said, “’One House’ aims to achieve what it has never done before never been done – it democratizes access to resilient housing materials to protect homes from tropical cyclones, floods and fires. This is done through a creative brand agency partnership supported by the Australian Government to deliver a commercially viable transformational product. The housing solution came to life. As a jury, we were impressed by the boldness of the idea, the creative courage of its implementation and the massive social, ecological and economic impact. One House Innovation started a movement.”

Cannes Lions are back after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic. It runs until June 24th.

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