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Reality Quest Chapter 34 will deal with the aftermath of the deadly battle. In the previous episode, Do-Wan was given the task of rescuing Ji-han. This made him worried about his buddy. However, somehow he managed to reach the place. He had a furious fight against Gu-Min and his group. Although he had already met everyone, one of Gu-Min’s friends was still there.

Now, in Chapter 34, Do-Wan must fight alone with Gu-Min’s dear friend named Kim Ganj-Jae. He’ll put up a tough fight with Do-Wan. But Do-Wan will somehow manage to attack that person. Later he will approach Gu-Min and talk to Jin-Han. Will Jin-Han reveal his connection to Gu-Min? Read on to find out more.

Reality Search Chapter 34

Reality Quest Chapter 34: What Will Happen Next?

Kim Ganj-Jae wakes up in the middle of his sleep when Gu-Min tells Ji-Han that he too has a dear friend like Do-Wan. No doubt he was pointing at Kim Ganj-Jae, who seemed frustrated. In Reality Quest Chapter 34, Do-Wan and Ganj-Jae will engage in a mortal battle. Although Do-Wan survived the attacks of others, he would have a hard time dealing with Ganj-Jae. But that doesn’t mean he can’t hold his own against him.

He will give Ganj-Jae a tough fight and eventually win the fight. After defeating Ganj-Jae, Do-Wan approaches Gu-Min. They will fight when Ji-Han tries his best to stop it. However, poor Ji-Han has to wait for Do-Wan to finish his task. He will also ask Gu-Min about his grudge against Ji-Han. Aside from that, Do-Wan will also ask Ji-Han about their friendship and how Gu-Min and Ji-Han ended their friendship in Reality Quest Chapter 34.

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A short summary!

In Reality Quest Chapter 33, Ji-Han recalled when he was in middle school. He visited her mother in the hospital. Both mother and son had a nice chat. His mother also praised him. She admired her son’s look in middle school uniform in Reality Quest Chapter 33. When Ji-Han decided to leave, he ran into Gu-Min who was also there to visit his mother. From that day on they became friends. But their friendship didn’t last.

The scene soon shifted to the present. In Chapter 32, Gu-Min and his friends took Ji-Han by force, where Gu-Min hit him hard. Do-Wan tried to find him and luckily he heard someone’s words and decided to follow them. It helped him reach Ji-Han. He soon surrendered to a fight and Ji-Han was surprised to see Do-Wan in a fight mode. He knocks down opponents with just one shot.

Reality Search Chapter 34

Reality Quest Chapter 34 Release Date

Reality Quest does not follow a consistent release pattern. So it’s quite difficult to guess when Chapter 34 will be released. But considering the release date of the past chapters, we can assume that Reality Quest Chapter 34 will be released on May 17th, 2022. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily keeps you updated.


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