Dollar 35 Million Claims Filed By Family Of Dijon Kizzee


Dijon Kizzee’s family plans to file a $35 million claim for the damage caused to the family. Dijon Kizee was a black man who was shot 16 times by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies. He was killed last year in the fatal shooting. He was 29 years old.

The Sheriff’s office faces allegations of improper training of their deputies. It says that the deputies had used unreasonable deadly force while handling the case, which was absolutely unnecessary.

Dollar 35 Million Claims Filed By Family Of Dijon Kizzee

Right now, Kizzee’s family is following the process. This procedural move must be made before an official lawsuit is filed. Carl Douglas, the family’s legal attorney, said that it is highly unlikely for the $35 million claims to be accepted.

Last year, on August 31, Kizee was asked to stop by the deputies to split the traffic and ride a bike on the road’s wrong side. The statement was given by the LA Sheriff’s Homicide Bureau captain Kent Wegener at that time.

Dollar 35 Million Claims Filed By Family Of Dijon Kizzee

The investigation reports say that prior to the firing by the deputies at Kizzee, he had picked up a gun that he dropped. However, as per the family’s attorney, video footage shows that Kizzee was fleeing the officers. 

The claim filed against the Sheriff’s office stated that the deputies were careless, and due to their negligence, they mistook that Kizzee posed some sort of threat to their safety. Kizzee, who was driving away from them on a bicycle, forced the deputies to use deadly but necessary force to stop Kizzee and defend themselves. Kizzee received multiple shots and died due to the negligence and inappropriate use of force by the deputies.

The litigation is still pending. Therefore no comments were received from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department regarding the case and the family’s claim.

In September 2020, the incident sparked a huge protest mainly because the deputies’ identities were not revealed. Hiding the identity of the deputies who shot Kizzee led to clashes between the authorities and the protestors for several days at the Southern LA Sheriff’s station.

Douglas and a civil rights attorney, Ben Crump, said on Thursday that the deaths of Black men and women at the hands of law enforcement could be compared to a virus. Crump said that it is a virus that needs to be avoided by Black people while others are not affected by it.

Kizzee’s aunt, Fletcher Fair, told the journalists that she had lost all her respect for the Sheriff’. She said that she now finds herself incapable of even looking at them on the streets. 

She added that irrespective of his color Kizzee was his nephew and that she loved him a lot. He was a human not defined by his color. 

Attorney Douglas said that a lawsuit could be expected to be filed in the state court in early summer. He said that the lawsuit would be filed on behalf of the estate and Kizzee’s father. The lawsuit will claim $25 million for the severe and substantial damage endured by Kizzee’s father and $10 million for economic and injury costs to Kizzee’s estate. 

Douglas also expressed that he hoped that with the lawsuit, at least the names of the deputies will be revealed publically. It is still not known who was involved in the fatal shooting of Dijon Kizzee.

Douglas said that with the $35 million lawsuits, they are trying to fight that social virus that is affecting people, especially Black men and women, in the South Los Angeles region. They said the vaccine that will work against this virus is the truth.


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