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This week, Weak Hero Chapter 186 brings loads of action to the table. The story gets more intense every week. In the story so far, the work of Mr. Lee’s organization has been shown in the last few episodes. Besides the main business, the man had engaged in all sorts of illegal activities. The men who work for him must therefore inevitably hold back. So what’s next now that the redevelopment project is taking place? Here you can find out everything about the latest excursion.

On the next outing, Dongha will return to the office to provide the cigars to his seniors. But something in him will break, forcing him to fight against the others. In the next episode, an incredible action sequence will play out.

Weak Hero Chapter 184

Weak Hero Chapter 186: What Will Happen Next?

In the final act of the chapter, Dongha was seen being bullied by some other jerks at his workplace. As the eccentric boy he was, he wasn’t impressed with the way he was treated. Therefore, the following chapter will take a look at how he is recovering from the behavior projected onto him in the previous episodes. Aside from that, Weak Hero Chapter 186 will also take a look at how the work of the cleanup project is affecting local people.

Eugene previously shared that his aunt had sold her shop, which had supported her for many years. Similarly, other people could also be suffering from the same problems. The following episode will deal with all of these issues. Will Mr. Lee ever face the consequences of his actions? The next outing will provide all the answers.

Weak Hero Chapter 186

Summary of the previous chapter!

Weak Hero Chapter 185 begins with Mr. Lee walking by on the street, only to find his thugs wreaking havoc on the streets. He scolded them and asked them if they wanted to tell everyone about the shady deal. In the car, his driver asked why people were buying parts for his restoration project. He explained that this was also part of the plan they hatched. The driver claimed his father had really thought of everything.

In the other half of the chapter, Cheongang received a call from Song-san asking him for some files. In Mr. Lee’s office, Dongha Baek’s life changed after she was assigned to take care of a job related to the boss, Mr. Na. The chapter ended with Dongha being bullied by his superiors in the office.

Weak Hero Chapter 186

Weak Hero Chapter 186: Release Date

Mr. Lee is certainly the kind of character who, at a certain point, could become the most dangerous man in town. As the story progresses, the guys will surely clash with him in the future. So Weak Hero Chapter 186 will be released this week. The confirmed release date is May 6th, 2022. Fans can read all chapters of the manhwa only on the official pages of Naver, Webtoon and Kakaopage. So keep in touch with The Anime Daily for more updates.


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