Doocy, Wegmann EXPOSE Unprepared Jean-Pierre on the Economy, Threats to Kavanaugh


Although White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre had nearly a week off due to the Americas Summit, the White House’s performance and preparation showed no progress during Monday’s briefing as they mulled through questions about all of the attempted Colonel’s assassination, Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh delved and delved into the lack of baby food for the economy.

Things got tense when Jean-Pierre failed to raise a fundamental question from Fox’s Peter Doocy: “President Biden once boasted that the stock market hit record after record after record on my watch. How about now?” She mumbled about whether Doocy “means[t] the stock market,” this is how he broke it down further: “All the achievements of President Biden’s administration have been wiped out.”

Jean-Pierre retreated to prepared answers in her folder but failed to deliver them with any coherence, instead insisting that they “watch” the stock market “closely” (despite have said back on May 18 that they don’t) and argued “we know families are concerned about inflation and the stock market” caused by “Putin’s price hike”.

,[T]The American people are well positioned to meet these challenges because of the historic economic accomplishments that we have made under this President – under this President over the past 16 months,” she added.

Doocy rephrased the question by making it more personal: “So, since you’re saying Americans are well-positioned to weather this stock market decline, what’s the President’s message to someone who might want to retire but has their 401(k) wiped out?”

Jean-Pierre continued her random word generator game by explaining what “we understand that” Americans are struggling and that the government is “doing everything we can to make sure the economy works for all — American people.” Uff.

Amidst their claims overturning the bloated American bailout plan “led to… this historic economic boom that we’re seeing in jobs,” Doocy interjected: “Didn’t it also lead to historical inflation?”

Still relying on her notes, Jean-Pierre said it was “not the way we see the American bailout plan.”

Later in the briefing, Real Clear Politics’ Philip Wegmann did what the liberal media failed to do, to mention the increase in attacks on pregnancy abortion centers ahead of a Supreme Court decision that upheld Roe v. Wade could fall.

Jean-Pierre has more or less escalated the issue to the Justice Department, other than saying that the President supports the safety of judges and that he condemns the attack on Kavanaugh (which he himself did not do on camera) (click ” Extend”):

WEGMANN: Thank you, Karine. A crisis pregnancy center in Oregon was firebombed over the weekend. This is the fourth so far, and then, of course, a would-be assassin was arrested outside Judge Kavanaugh’s house last weekend. I know the government condemns violence, and you’ve said this several times, but I’m wondering: Is there anything the President is doing to cool passions before the Dobbs decision is made?

JEAN-PIERRE: You mean in – with – in relation to abortion – the decision? So, I want it to be really clear: You know, the Justice Department has US Marshals supporting the Supreme Court Marshal on Kavanaugh, and the President is supporting legislation to fund increased security for courts and judges, and that’s it How – it has now been reported that the marshals that our administration had appointed to protect the judges were instrumental in preventing the individual from performing the horrific act he set out to do. That’s the threat we saw against Kavanaugh, and that’s why we took it very seriously. Like you said, we condemned it – condemned. The President has done this and we will continue to do so. Any intimidation — intimidation or threat against judges is something we take very seriously, and so, you know, one of the reasons — again, one of the reasons — the crime didn’t happen last week was because the Department of — DOJ that was very serious from the start when we – when we heard the threats and intimidation and put US Marshals there.

WEGMANN: And then, in relation to some of the arson we’ve seen across the country?

JEAN-PIERRE: Well, that’s something that the DOJ is clearly investigating, and you took that very seriously. We’ve seen an increase in this type of arson and bombing and — or bomb attempts, as we saw just recently over the weekend, and that’s true again — the DOJ takes this very seriously and will continue to do so.

In view of the gossip of their predecessor (cf here, hereand here) in front of a judge’s house, whenever they want them to rule in a certain way, Wegmann wanted to know what Jean-Pierre would answer: “But does the President think there should be some sort of protesters picketing outside judges’ houses when a case is pending before them?”

Jean-Pierre replied that while “Intimidation and violence are totally unacceptable,” “all Americans have the right to protest peacefully, regardless of their point of view.”

In other words, the White House said, Keep it up Ruth St. Us!

Towards the end of the briefing, a reporter at government headquarters asked Bloomberg for “the latest update” on the baby food shortage, but Jean-Pierre embarrassingly had nothing to add except flip through her folder before saying she didn’t. have something new” (which took the press team hours to do eventually produce,

To see more of the June 13 briefing (including questions on Biden’s porous poll numbers and the economy), click here.



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