Dr. Fauci Wants To Start Fighting Next Pandemic Now

Dr. Fauci Wants To Start Fighting Next Pandemic Now

Dr. Anthony Fauci is ever too eager, to avoid another pandemic in the years to come. Thus, he wants to make a prototype of a vaccine that is effective against 20 or more such viruses. The viruses that seem to threaten human life and existence should be faced with magnitude, believes Dr. Fauci. He has also, said that the research will cost a lot of money. Moreover, he also stated that if he starts now, the first result or sample would emerge only after five years. So, that is quite a long time. 

Dr. Fauci Wants To Start Fighting Next Pandemic Now

Moreover, he believes that a large army of scientists is required to perform such tests. The scientists would probably need to re-use the research tools for Covid-19. That would enable them to study the molecular structure of the virus, and search the spots where the antibodies must strike it. The making of those antibodies is as important. The Dr. also said, that if he gets the required funding, it will only start in 2022. He has already placed the proposal at the White House. 

Dr. Fauci Wants To Start Fighting Next Pandemic Now

What Other Doctors Have To Say?

Dr. Francis Collins from the U.S. National Institutes of Health said that necessary funds can be allocated to the study, if the results assured are compelling enough. The world is trying to pin down Covid-19. While doing so, it is best not to become complacent as a whole. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases headed by Fauci may lead to some funding, but other portions of the funds have to come from other agencies.

The institute’s probable budget might go above $6 billion. If any new virus comes up in the near future, scientists can immediately start immunizing people. The main aim is the stop the effect at the spill-over level. That will enable the authorities to hold the pandemic situation. 

The prototype vaccine project has percolated from the brain of Dr. Barney Graham. He had presented the idea in the year 2017 itself. He was always wary of such a situation. The doctor had said the same thing about the H1N1 virus, that hit people in 2009. Chikungunya followed in 2012, and MERS in 2013. Thus, it is a series that is occurring at an interval of time. Each time a spillover occurs, scientists from around the world scramble here and there to create a vaccine. The other epidemics waned, off before the vaccines could be generated. However, not before damage to the population’s health and brain was done. 

New Tools For The New Era

The researchers have now said that scientists have got hold of new tools today. They are also able to view the molecular structures of the viruses and isolate their antibodies. These could block the viruses from causing profound damage to individuals. With a prototype vaccine, the medical fraternity can target the virus, with all the might. Graham and Fauci really echo each other on this subject. Now, the institute has also created a comparative fact sheet of the viruses. It can enlist the behavior of the viruses. The pathogens’ anatomy and vulnerabilities can be studied in great detail as well. 

For each virus family, the researchers plan to start a different degree of medical intervention. For example, the Nipah virus and Lassa fever viruses are in the nascent stage at the moment. There could be further developed in the vaccines and their prototypes for Chikungunya and Zika. Now, it is left to be seen, how the authorities and funding agencies see the situation. The steps taken could alleviate the globe of the pain and sufferings, it now has to undergo. 


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