Drug Abuse, Drinking & Autism Can Be A Threatening Fuse

Drug Abuse, Drinking & Autism Can Be A Threatening Fuse

According to the neoteric study, teens and adults who are suffering from autism are having less likely symptoms compared to people who use drugs and alcohol. But this study finds that adults or teens who are addicted to mask symptoms are having nine times more usage and includes the effect of autism.

Drug Abuse, Drinking & Autism Can Be A Threatening Fuse

Researchers say that people with autism are having increased risks for suicide which is known as camouflaging, this known phrase is linked with mental health issues of autistic people.

Elizabeth Weir who is the lead professor and author of this study in the UK (United Kingdom) at Cambridge University of Autism Research Centre, stated that “looking at the rapid increase in results of autism is quite shocking”

According to the CDC (centers of disease control and prevention), 1 in every 54 children is having autism spectrum disorders in the U.S. which are termed as an umbrella for the bunch of developmental disabilities which might cause the communication, significant social, and other behavioral problems.

According to the study, researchers had analyzed 1,200 people who are identified with the symptoms of autism and other 1,200 people are not found with any negative symptoms as these are most often for the usage of drugs and alcohol through anonymous online surveys. Among all of these, 900 people are having detailed responses about the usage and their addiction towards alcohol and drugs. 

Researchers had didn’t verified the particular drug but according to the references which were found MDMA, heroin, marijuana, ketamine, LSD, and magic mushrooms were found. All the people with autism are having less likely chances on non-acoustic peers for the usage of drugs and consumption of alcohol.

The study showed the premium results about effects whereas; the good news is born with lower rates of autism effects. The sensory is overloaded with unwanted autism symptoms with the increase of reports for recreational drugs.

Pamela Feliciano who is the scientific director for SPARK autism organization stated her feelings towards autistic people that “these are very concerning situations right now” in this huge autistic population the strategies of camouflaging is been linked with the mental illness people with increased symptoms and having risks for suicide attempts.

The new study found that people who are having autism symptoms must take care of themselves from addiction to abusive drugs and alcohol. Autism people are having three times more like symptoms for abusive effects. This affects the side-track thoughts for self-treated anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and depression. 

Weir warned about the dosages of self-medication that recreational dosages must be avoided as it becomes very dangerous for further health effects. She also added that there are many clear facts on overdosage of medication and there may be possibilities included for interactions on prescribed medicine and other drugs.

Dr. Melissa Nishwala is an autism specialist, she says that in her regular practices mirror symptoms were found for autistic young people. Social outcomes may increase within mentally ill people as many patients are already undergone self-medication. People with proper medication can control their emotions whereas; people who don’t receive irregular medication will have chances to develop other abusive habits and characteristics in them. 

For being successful in autism and other abusive disorder treatments safety measure and properly organized programs must be initiated to incorporate the strategies for specific features on autism effects which needs a standard medication said Nishwala.


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