Duo Cover Reviews – Should You Buy Two Pillars DuoCover Microwave Food Cover?

Do you, like many others, use the microwave only as a last resort? Have you bought into the notion that microwaves are detrimental to our health? If so, the Two Pillars team has some good news for you. Based on their argument, microwaves save time and are the best at preserving nutrients. Of course, they have flaws, such as the mess they leave behind or first-degree heat burns, but this team claims to have revolutionized how we use the microwave and prepare and reheat meals.

They created a device that complies with their commitment to Mother Earth while reviving leftovers and encouraging people to cook specific meals directly. Let’s cut right to the chase; the following review aims to reveal the different layers of Duo Cover.

What is Duo Cover?

Duo Cover is a microwave cover that prevents food from splattering and boosts moisture. Microwaved meals have generally been frowned upon due to their lack of taste and the potential mess with increased warming-up time. Our editorial team believes that Duo Cover solves typical problems associated with using a traditional microwave. Most importantly, the Two Pillars team responsible for this innovation has debunked the myth that microwaved food is unhealthy. Before this debate, let’s go through the basics of Duo Cover.

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How Does Duo Cover Work?

Duo Cover has received much attention due to its underlying technology, MoistureLock. In essence, microwaves are steamers that excite water molecules in food. When the Duo Cover is placed on top of a dish, the steam causes the MoistureLock knob to open, allowing water to be added to the food. To put it another way, rather than allowing moisture to escape, the Two Pillars team cleverly created a device that captures it, ofering wonders to reheated meals.

This microwave cover invention deserves recognition for its simplicity, as it is one of the few user-friendly changes appearing in recent years. Now that we’ve covered the fundamentals, it’s time to assess how useful Duo Cover is, and what better way to do this than by studying its features?

What Features Does Duo Cover Have?

Several features come to mind with which existing customers appear to be content. In particular, we have:

Premium Food-Safe Silicone

Duo Cover is made using premium food-safe silicone. This means people can enjoy warmed-up food with their minds at peace (and free of safety concerns). Additionally, its soft nature allows one to collapse it quickly after use. The latter is achieved by placing both hands on Duo Cover and pressing down with equal force.

Magnet Stow-Away

Duo Cover includes microwave-safe magnets that make it simple to store when not in use. Many consumers appreciated this feature since it eliminated the need to repeatedly remove and insert the Duo Cover from and into the microwave. The microwave food cover can be securely mounted on the microwave and removed only when needed for beverages or snacks that require only a few seconds to warm up. However, users should know that these magnets will not operate if their microwave has convection tubes or a plastic circle on the ceiling.

Durable & Reusable

The Two Pillars team maintains that if people use Duo Cover as directed while following the suggested maintenance measures, each microwave lid should last at least ten years, making it durable and fully reusable. Moreover, the fact that they went utterly plastic-free also implies a safer alternative, which happens to be eco-friendly.

Duo Cover Features

Other essential qualities that distinguish Duo Cover include:

  • Splatter-proof cover designed to keep microwaves spotless
  • Increased flexibility, which in turn prevents finger burns
  • Steams meals in less than eight minutes, making it time-efficient
  • BPA-free, FDA-approved silicone and dishwasher-safe

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Frequently Asked Questions About Duo Cover

Q: What Are the Dimensions of the Duo Cover?

A: The dimensions of the Duo Cover are 11 inches x 11 inches by 4.5 inches.

Q: Will Duo Cover Fit Inside My Microwave?

A: Since Duo Cover has a diameter of 11 inches, it should fit inside most microwave brands. For those who are still unsure, below is a breakdown of the different microwave sizes that this gadget will fit into:

  • Standard and large microwaves: height of 12 to 15 inches and width of 21 to 25 inches
  • Over-the-range microwaves: height of 17 inches (or 10 inches for low profile) and width of 30 inches (or 24 inches if compact)
  • Built-in microwave: height of 17 to 22 inches and width of 24, 27, or 30 inches

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Q: What Makes Duo Cover Safe?

A: The Duo Cover’s inside magnets are engineered not to arc through the rounded contour. While metals should not be microwaved, this does not imply that all metals are in this category. Certain metals reflect waves, causing them to recirculate inside the microwave, where they belong. However, when multiple pieces of metal with sharp edges are combined, arcing occurs, resulting in sparks. The latter does not apply in this case.

Q: How Do I Use Duo Cover?

A: It’s this simple; Place a plate or bowl of food inside the microwave, close the MoistureLock knob on top, add water, and press start.

Q: Do I Need to Add Water When Using the Duo Cover?

A: No, Two Pillars recommends adding water if people hope for juicy proteins and tender vegetables.

Q: What Color Does Duo Cover Currently Come in?

A: Duo Cover is currently offered in blue topaz.

Q: What Are the Supposed Benefits of Using Duo Cover?

A: Duo Cover has the potential to bring leftovers back to life, allowing people to once again enjoy moist and tender meals.

Q: Isn’t Microwaved Food Less Healthy?

A: No, not always. Microwaves are claimed to preserve nutrients the best of any cooking method because they need the least amount of time and utilize the least quantity of liquid. This is especially true for vegetables.

Q: Does Duo Cover Come With a Warranty?

A: Duo Cover has a one-year warranty covering only manufacturing defects, shipping damage, and other product anomalies. This guarantee excludes regular wear and tear and evident proof of improper use.

Q: How Long Will It Take for Duo Cover Shipments to Arrive?

A: Orders with a final destination within the contiguous United States will take five to seven business days, whereas international orders require up to 21 business days.

Q: Does a Money-back Guarantee Protect Duo Cover Purchases?

A: Duo Cover has been protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee. If people are dissatisfied with this microwave gadget’s overall performance, they have up to 30 days from the date of purchase to request a refund. This only applies to units that are unused and still in brand-new condition. For the specifics of the refund policy, consider reaching customer support in one of the following ways:

  • Email: [email protected].
  • Mailing Address: 475 7th Ave San Francisco, California US, 94118

How Much Does Duo Cover Cost?

The prices vary according to the number of Duo Covers people wish to purchase. Here is a glimpse into what these prices are:

  • One Duo Cover: CAD$42 each + Shipping Fee
  • Buy Duo Covers Get One Free: CAD$32.66 each + Free US Shipping
  • Buy Three Duo Covers Get Two Free: CAD$29.40 each + Free US Shipping

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Duo Cover Final Verdict

Duo Cover is a microwave cover designed to add moisture to food, reduce messes, and raise awareness about the benefits of using microwaves. The combination of design, material, and technology makes Duo Cover an investment worth considering, given how easily it can be stored, how it limits messes in the microwave and finger burns, and how it can even be used to create steamed fresh meals.

The fact that the team avoided plastic demonstrates their appreciation for sustainability, which aligns with their mission. Food-safe silicone is soft and easy to work with, enabling many of the benefits listed. The most prominent design concern individuals have raised is the stow-away feature; however, as previously stated, this will only operate on particular microwave tops. To learn more about Duo Cover and how to get hold of a unit, visit the official website by clicking here! >>>

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