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Eczema or atopic dermatitis is a common skin disorder known to cause itchy, red, dry, and irritated skin. It comes in varying types, and the type affecting your child will vary depending on the type of rash they have developed and where the rash has appeared.

The condition normally occurs during infancy or early childhood and can, in the most severe cases, persist well into adulthood. But this isn’t to mean that it can’t affect people of all ages, hence the need to learn about its causative factors and possible treatments.

Common eczema triggers include the following:

  • Upper respiratory infections
  • Preservatives or chemicals present in household detergents and cleaners
  • Animal dander
  • Scented products
  • Food allergies
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Stress
  • External allergens, e.g., dust, dust mites, mold, and pollen
  • Temperature changes
  • Synthetic fabrics
  • Sweating
  • Rough, scratchy material, e.g., wool

All these triggers can cause eczema, causing your child to have to endure long, sleepless nights. Luckily, this doesn’t have to be the case, as you can learn how to manage it and get rid of its symptoms using The Eczema Rescue Program.

What Is The Eczema Rescue Program?

The Eczema Rescue Program from Blossom Pediatrics is a program designed for parents who want to conquer their infant’s itch, end sleepless nights, and transform their skin. It comes with live, full support enabling you to tackle your child’s eczema.

But before we go any further, we have to ask; can you remember a time when your little one was well, happy, and lively? If you can’t, the chances are that you have already started to feel overwhelmed by the situation and need urgent answers on the way forward.

It also means that by this point, the following has already happened:

  • You and your little one have visited all the skincare specialists in your area
  • You’ve followed all the instructions provided by the pediatrician
  • Your little one has used up all the prescription medication issued to them
  • Nothing seems to help
  • You’ve slowly begun to feel guilty about the situation and are worried about what the future holds

All these are common occurrences and feelings among parents whose children are suffering from eczema. But you should note that applying a band-aid approach to dealing with eczema won’t offer a lasting solution, as this condition will flare up later.

Therefore, the solution is not to use creams and lotions to manage the symptoms but to find a system to address its primary cause. And this is where The Eczema Rescue Program comes in.

Parents who have signed up for this program understand that their children need long-lasting relief from burning and itching, which can lead to sleepless nights. Read on to learn the kind of results it offers and why you should sign up today.

Who Is Its Creator?

Dr. Nelli Gluzman is the brains behind “The Eczema Rescue Program.” Besides creating this program, she describes herself as a dedicated mom, yoga practitioner, founder of Blossom Pediatrics, and a lifetime learner.

She has dedicated her life to empowering parents and helping free them and their children from the problems posed by asthma, allergies, and eczema. Dr. Gluzman achieves her objectives by using holistic gut healing protocols to help reverse the abovementioned illnesses.

Most of these illnesses are chronic childhood conditions that can become severe and cause discomfort if left unattended. The good doctor understands what you and other parents are going through, as she once felt overwhelmed by her child’s deteriorating health.

Today, she proudly states that she hasn’t had to deal with an eczema flare-up for over ten years. Her focus is now on helping you and other parents facing the same issue to get control of your child’s health and begin living guilt-free once again.

Eczema Rescue Program: Sign up today!

How to Begin Transforming Your Child’s Eczema Today

Every parent has the power to change their child’s future and help rescue their deteriorating health. The Eczema Rescue Program can help get you started on this journey by:

Teaching you the protocol you need to implement to start seeing tangible results in as few as 30 days.

Providing you with the correct information on eczema and the guidelines for managing its symptoms. The information provided in this program enables you to detox your infant from the inside out, thereby eliminating the toxins that may be contributing to these flare-ups.

Learning how to implement evidence-based medicine and other eczema-specific protocols to provide your infant(s) with permanent relief from the condition.

Does the Eczema Rescue Program Provide the Answers You Need?

Before you can start treating eczema or managing its symptoms, you must begin by understanding that your child’s wellness is dependent on various factors. Many of these factors are based on both their inner and outer environments.

The Eczema Rescue Program is a comprehensive program that works by removing toxins, healing the gut lining, replacing nutrients, and reducing inflammation. It also helps in repopulating the microbiome responsible for healing the gut.

As you implement it, you’ll start to see the child’s previously itchy, dry, inflamed, and burning skin slowly begin to transform. The ensuing transformation should help you quit constantly worrying about their skin health, general well-being, and what the future may hold for them.

Sign up for Eczema Rescue Program and give your child relief

Who Is The Eczema Rescue Program For?

Based on the explanation above, it’s clear that this program does much more than treat the symptoms linked to this condition. And according to Dr. Nelli Gluzman, some of the people who can benefit from what it offers are:

Parents who routinely find themselves thinking that their child’s condition is genetically-predisposed and that it will go away as they grow older.

You don’t want your little one to continue relying on multiple medications, including creams and lotions intended to help treat eczema.

Both you and your little one have become tired of the itchiness and burning that comes with it leading to sleepless nights with no end in sight.

You’ve become interested in learning the exact protocols and evidence-based medicine that will lead you to tangible results.

As a parent, you would like to be empowered with the information and knowledge on what you can do to prevent future eczema and asthma flare-ups.

You’re no longer satisfied with the band-aid solutions, which only offer temporary reprieve before the condition reappears.

You and your partner have started feeling overwhelmed with the task of managing the eczema symptoms.

Pricing and Availability

If you believe The Eczema Rescue Program can help you manage its symptoms and transform your child’s life, you should subscribe to it today. As you have seen, this program works by addressing the root causes of this condition.

For those who want to proceed with the subscription, please note that two payment plans are available, as shown below:

  • Monthly Payment Plan: Pay $150 per month (you can cancel the subscription at any time)
  • Six-Month Commitment: Pay $699 to subscribe to the six-month program (this commitment enables you to immerse into the curriculum fully)

Click here to subscribe to Eczema Rescue Program >>>

On subscription, you’ll receive immediate access to:

  • A pediatrician-led program designed to help you combat eczema symptoms and end sleepless nights in 30 days or less.
  • Eczema healing recipes, supplement guides, meal plans, sleep solutions, and itch and burning relief solutions for your child.
  • Access to a monthly small group meeting led by Nelli Gluzman. The meetings are live and interactive.

And much more.

The Eczema Rescue Program works because of three main factors:

  • Its ability to address the root cause of the flare-up instead of focusing on its symptoms
  • Its ability to use small but meaningful long-term habit changes
  • Its ability to address the needs of your family, as opposed to providing generic prescriptions

You can get all the answers you have been looking for by subscribing to The Eczema Rescue Program today.

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