Elden Ring: How To Beat Crucible Knight


Melee characters taking on a Crucible Knight need to stay on their toes to avoid getting hit by the boss’s series of attacks and combos (as illustrated by Fextralife). While many of the Crucible Knight’s attacks appear slow and easily dodged, they are often followed by additional attacks. Though few things compare to the Godskin Noble’s difficult evasive maneuvers, the Crucible Knight easily catches new “Elden Ring” players.

In general, players want to dodge the Crucible Knight’s attacks to try and get a more favorable position behind the enemy. However, melee characters must be on the lookout for a tail swipe from the boss, which may be followed by another, larger tail swipe from time to time.

More than anything, the key to leading a melee fighter to victory against a Crucible Knight is learning the boss’s attack animations and recognizing when he’s about to throw another punch. Patience is king. Understanding that this opponent’s combos last longer than first meets the eye – and that they often have a much longer range than anticipated – will be key to bringing down a Crucible Knight for good.

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