Elden Ring: How To Choose The Right Staff And Seal Using This Tool


When Elden Ring casters are unsure which sigil to take into battle or which staff is worth fully leveling up, they should use Jerp’s Elden Ring Casting Tool Comparator. The utility simplifies options by considering a player’s stats, making it much easier to choose between the many options available to Magic users. While using the Casting Tool Comparator is as simple as inputting a character’s current stats or the stats you want to compare options, the tool takes a massive array of data and makes it easy to digest.

Not only can users show how each weapon performs alongside different stat lineups, but they can also filter options by tool type, spell school, or even scale type. Considering that most magic users will likely use both a sigil and a staff in The Elden Ring, Jerp’s Elden Ring Casting Tool Comparator makes the selection process that little bit easier. With worries about which casting tools would best suit a character, players can return to the game and learn how to fight like Let Me Solo Her again.

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