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Are you tired of your thumb becoming numb from pushing down and trying to light a grill lighter at the same time? Not pleased with the costs of repeatedly buying a barbecue lighter? Lighters are essential to have on hand since they produce flames during power outages, for grill and cooking purposes, and while exploring the great outdoors. Butane lighters, unfortunately, have several limits because they will eventually run out of fuel and come with risks due to burning rates and external forces.

Our editorial team just came upon a startup that is on a quest to rid lighters of their defects. What did they end up accomplishing? Let’s say their new approach is powerful yet flame-free. Do we have your full attention? This is where it is fitting to introduce the Electric Wand Lighter.

What is the Electric Wand Lighter?

The Electric Wand Lighter is a rechargeable, technologically advanced lighter that never runs out of fuel. The creators claim that their latest version outperforms previous generations of lighters for fireplaces, grills, or even candles. Remember how many attempts it would typically take to start a flame from a plastic spark wheel lighter?

This difficulty has been replaced by simple ignition and maximum safety. Although consumers are likely to be satisfied with barbecue lighters, they are clumsy and limiting, once again running out of fuel or breaking down altogether. To understand what allows the Electric Wand Lighter to persist for years, it is necessary to look at its driving factors.

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How Does the Electric Wand Lighter Work?

The Electric Wand Lighter does not use butane or produce a flame. It instead uses Tesla coil technology and a lithium-ion battery to create a user-friendly electric arc. An electric arc is produced when two electrodes come together, producing heat. This production causes the electrodes to travel distinct pathways, forming plasma (or ionized gas) between them.

Although the plasma arc isn’t an actual flame, it is deemed far hotter than butane-induced flames, so it is accepted as a lighter. With the foundation out of the way, it’s time to see how helpful plasma arcs are.

What Features Does the Electric Wand Lighter Have?

Many of the Electric Wand Lighter’s attributes are derived from plasma, whereas others are entirely design-based. Nonetheless, the two types work together to make this lighter option an attractive investment. In particular, we have:

Compact & Sleek

The Electric Wand Lighter’s compact and sleek design helps distinguish it from barbecue lighters. Despite its size, the creators insist that this alternative lighter can light candles, paper, and gas stoves, among others. Though the flame will not reach a great height, it can reach difficult-to-reach spots horizontally, vertically, and in any direction – all without risk of burn. The only way the Electric Wand Lighter might induce a burn is if individuals get close to the arc, which is not recommended.

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Wind and Waterproof

Plasma lighters like the Electric Wand Lighter have become popular due to their wind and waterproof qualities. The latter two are because the arc is not a flame and cannot be controlled with water. Furthermore, it will not move regardless of wind speed because the arc stems from an electric current inside the lighter. Traditional butane lighters are disadvantaged because they produce a flame made from spark and butane, which could be risky during windy conditions.

Long Battery Life & Rechargeable

Each Electric Wand Lighter is designed to last up to 500 uses before needing to be recharged. Individuals are encouraged to use this lighter only after it has received a full charge, which should take approximately 60 minutes thanks to the built-in lithium-ion battery.

Electric Wand Lighter Features

Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Wand Lighter

Q: Is the Electric Wand Lighter safe?

A: The Electric Wand Lighter is safe because of the plasma arc. This alternative to butane is ideal, seeing how it works the same way as flames do, but it isn’t a flame. Moreover, the arc is relatively small, which limits the risk of accidents. Individuals should always be cautious when using any lighter, as the temperature is usually high. Plasma arcs are believed to be hotter than flames produced by butane.

Q: What specifications does the Electric Wand Lighter have?

A: The Electric Wand Lighter incorporates a lighter head, LED light, battery display, control button, hanging hook, and a charging port.

Q: What can the Electric Wand Lighter be used for?

A: The Electric Wand Lighter may light candles, newspapers, fireplaces, and grills. The creators maintain that this alternative has endless uses, regardless of location (indoors or outdoors).

Q: What will happen to the Electric Wand Lighter if it is submerged in water?

A: So long as the latch is closed and sealed, submerging the Electric Wand Lighter into water will have no harmful effects. Otherwise, individuals will need to purchase a new unit.

Q: Does the Electric Wand Lighter need to be cleaned?

A: Individuals should ideally keep the ignition region clean with a dry brush. Chemicals and solvents should not be used to clean the Electric Wand Lighter.

Q: Are there any limitations to the Electric Wand Lighter?

A: The only limitation of the Electric Wand Lighter is that the arc is contained within the tip. This implies that it may be unable to light some objects and may require using a candle or a stick as a heat transfer medium.

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Q: Is the Electric Wand Lighter loud?

A: No, the Electric Wand Lighter is not loud.

Q: How do I charge the Electric Wand Lighter?

A: Individuals must insert one end of the micro-USB charging cable into the Electric Wand Lighter and the other into a laptop, desktop computer, car, or any other outlet.

Q: Does the Electric Wand Lighter include a recharger?

A: The Electric Wand Lighter has a micro-USB charging cable. At checkout, individuals can add a USB Fast Charger for $19.99.

Q: Does a warranty protect the Electric Wand Lighter?

A: The Electric Wand Lighter includes a standard warranty covering manufacturing defects. Individuals can also add an extended warranty for an additional $8. The latter will cover the Electric Wand Lighter for two years, covering manufacturing defects and a replacement plan. For more specifics, we encourage everyone to consult customer support.

Q: What is the estimated arrival time on Electric Wand Lighter shipments?

A: The estimated arrival time for Electric Wand Lighter shipments traveling within the continental United States is five to seven business days.

Q: Does a money-back guarantee protect the Electric Wand Lighter?

A: Yes, the Electric Wand Lighter has been protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee. If at any point within the first 30 days from the order date, people change their minds, customer support must be contacted to facilitate a refund procedure. Listed below is the necessary contact information to get started:

  • Email: [email protected].
  • Phone: (817) 406 6734
  • Mailing Address: Electric Lighters LLC, PO Box 19237, Akron, OH, 44319, United States

How Much Does the Electric Wand Lighter Cost?

The Electric Wand Lighter prices vary marginally based on quantity. The more units purchased, the higher the savings. Here is a snippet depicting those above:

  • 1 Electric Wand Lighter: $29.99 each + $7.99 Shipping
  • 2 Electric Wand Lighters: $26.99 each + $7.99 Shipping
  • 3 Electric Wand Lighters: $23.99 each + Free Shipping
  • 4 Electric Wand Lighters: $20.99 each + Free Shipping

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Final Thoughts on Electric Wand Lighter

The Electric Wand Lighter is a no-flame, no-butane lighter founded on plasma matter principles. The result is a limited arc deemed the hottest by far, which is why it could light up many things like butane lighters do. From the above analysis, individuals should have gathered that this alternative is innovative because of its unmatched level of safety and cost. Traditional lighters are neither water nor windproof and run out of butane at inopportune times.

Therefore, people exploring the great outdoors in extreme conditions will be deprived of a potential heat source. Similarly, butane lighters eventually run out of fuel, forcing people to invest in refills or replacements.

Those issues don’t pertain to the Electric Wand Lighter. It is completely rechargeable and founded on the principles of how lightning is formed. Since the arc rests within the tip, it may be challenging to light certain things. However, the creators pledge most use cases will be fulfilled. For more on the Electric Wand Lighter, visit the official website by clicking here! >>>

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