Elon Musk sends out a global warning


Since April, observers and critics have believed Elon Musk obsessed with Twitter (TWTR) – Twitter Inc. report received.

On April 14, the world’s richest man made a $44 billion bid to acquire the microblogging site.

Since then, he has engaged in a war of words with the platform’s management, whom he accuses of lying about data related to spam bots or fake accounts. Musk has been speaking out against fake accounts for the past two months. Some experts see it as a strategy to renegotiate the price of the operation as financial markets have fallen since it was proposed.

However, spam bots or fake accounts are a significant problem as advertisers focus on the number of users on the platforms where they want to sell their products and services. But Twitter has always claimed that the figures it provides do not reflect the exact number of fake accounts on the network.

The Twitter saga also eclipsed the tech tycoon’s baby Tesla, to the point that investors were beginning to wonder if the maker of premium electric vehicles was still Musk’s top priority.

But if Twitter really got the billionaire entrepreneur hooked, he has another issue on his side: the declining world population, particularly in wealthy countries.

“Demographic Catastrophe”

The mogul is almost obsessed with it. In recent months he has warned of population declines in Japan, Italy, South Korea, Hong Kong and most recently China.

But he senses that his alarms are sounding in a vacuum, so he doesn’t hesitate to repeat them. Therefore, repeat it until it is heard by officials, the media and the general public.

Speaking about America on Twitter on June 14, Musk wrote, “The last two years have been a demographic disaster.”

“The US birthrate has been below the sustainable minimum for about 50 years,” Musk tweeted at the time.

He based his statement on an article in the Wall Street Journal on the subject. Citing official data, the article reported that the total fertility rate in the United States — the average number of children a woman has over a lifetime — is below the reproductive threshold of 2.1 — the level at which a generation can reproduce itself must replace. .

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“One World Party Day”

The unlikely serial entrepreneur — he founded rocket company SpaceX, The Boring Company, Neuralink — believes one way to solve this big problem is to have kids and celebrate humanity.

“I mean, I’m doing my job,” Musk said in another tweet on June 14.

This last sentence can be understood in different ways. The first is that billionaires are already doing everything they can to warn about this problem.

And he takes her advice too, as he’s a father to seven children – Y, X, Griffin, Xavier, Kai, Saxon and Damien. Y, the last, was born in December.

In May, the Tesla CEO quashed preconceived and often-held beliefs that having a child is expensive or that we choose not to have children because we want to save the environment.

“It’s a bit counterproductive because people say, well, ‘It’s too expensive to have a baby.’ no The richer you are the fewer children you have, the more educated you are the more children you have. There are few.” Said.

“Basically, it seems like urbanization and education will pass a certain level and incomes will pass a certain level, the birth rate will go down. And when countries get rich, so do their births. The price is going down.”

A recent study projects that the world population will increase to 9.7 billion in 2064 and will decrease to 8.8 billion in 2100. But if we follow the curve of the world population growth rate, demographers say it will start falling by 2060.

The annual growth rate of world population was 2.1% in the 1970s. Today, that rate is only around 1%. And it should drop below 0 between 2060 and 2070, demographers say.

On June 11, a Twitter user suggested that we should throw a party “once in a while” to celebrate humanity.

Musk intervened, sharing that his son Saxon had already thought of something similar.

“My son, the Saxons, suggested a festival for the whole world, a world party conference!” said the businessman.



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