“Enough Doesn’t Reach the Consumer” – Tank Discount Flopped – How You Can Still Save Money at the Gas Station


That should bring him great relief and now he’s causing frustration and anger.

Instead of 36 cents for petrol and 17 cents for diesel, the tank discount made only a minimal difference.

Compared to the end of May, the liter of petrol or diesel has increased so much in recent weeks that the tank discount has largely been exhausted.

The numbers show that.

Tank discount for diesel completely abolished

Before the introduction of the tank discounts, the average price for a liter of petrol was EUR 2.17, EUR 2.12 for the E10 and EUR 2.03 for diesel.

With tank discounts, prices should be significantly lower. Then diesel should be 17 cents cheaper and petrol 35 cents cheaper.

The liter of the Super minus the tank discount should therefore be around 1.82 euros per liter, that of the E5 at 1.77 euros and the diesel at 1.86 euros. But gas stations are far from it. The prices are quite high. Half of the tank discount is waived for petrol and the entire tank discount is waived for diesel.

Motorists in Germany paid an average of more than two euros for a liter of diesel on Monday morning. On average, a liter of petrol cost 2.07 euros and a liter of E10 1.98 euros.

“Too little reaches the consumer,” warned the ADAC in a recent statement.

How can I save fuel?

The tank relaxation does not have the desired effect.

There are still ways consumers can save money.

You should now know these savings tips!

Compare fuel prices in your area. The apps you have installed on your smartphone can help with this. Well-known providers are ADAC, Mehr Tanken, Chatur Tanken or Bertha. Google Maps also lists current fuel prices for several German cities.

Usually drive between 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. to refuel. Especially on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays you can save a lot of money at the pump. It is most expensive at the weekend at German petrol pumps. Gas station operators are also demanding higher fuel prices in the mornings and evenings.

If you have to travel long distances, avoid motorway rest stops and use the exits in smaller towns nearby. Ideally, this saves up to 8 cents per liter.

HEM gas stations cooperate with Chatur refueling app and offer “low price guarantee”. If motorists find a cheaper petrol station from another provider nearby, they always pay the lowest price per liter for diesel and petrol.

At every Agip gas station, ADAC drivers say thank you with a cent per liter cheaper. After refueling, simply show your membership card at the checkout and save.

Customers can collect points at Aral and Esso. Aral has Payback Points and Esso Germany Card Points. From a certain number of points, vouchers can be issued that the driver can redeem when filling up.



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