Epicentric Florida- A Record Rise In Covid Cases

Epicentric Florida- A Record Rise In Covid Cases

The Covid-19 cases are supposedly meant to go down but recent reports claimed that The cases are rising in the United States. Florida reported around 21,683 fresh COVID-19 cases. This has been the highest single-day case reported by the state since the pandemic began. This information was released on Saturday by Federal Health Department. Most cities have eased their rules and wearing masks are not mandatory at all. But things would turn out to be out of control if there are no restrictions in place, forcing another worsened situation like in January.

Epicentric Florida- A Record Rise In Covid Cases

Every state has seen a rise in the number of COVID cases with Florida hitting the top. The state has been a new epicenter of the virus with a majority of  America’s new cases reported there.

Epicentric Florida- A Record Rise In Covid Cases

Ron DeSantis, The Florida Governor has resisted the mask’s mandatory rule, along with the vaccine. With the support of the state legislature, he has also limited the ability of officials to impose any restrictions for stopping the spread of Covid 19. He has thwarted the requirement of students wearing masks when schools will reopen next month.

Glancing at Friday’s report, the increase in the number of cases will give you an idea of how the surge in cases will wreak havoc again due to the breakout of this delta variant virus. Check out the official U.S centers Disease Control and Prevention Website to know more. Preceding reports show that there was a surge of 17,093 cases a day earlier. Before the vaccines were unavailable, the spread of the virus was intense and high with 19,334 cases reported then.

Today, despite the vaccination supply was in place, things are getting worse where the Florida Hospital Association has alarmed hospitals that cases are nearing last year’s peak. Some health care divisions have already started preparing, taking precautionary actions to prevent any disastrous spread of the virus. Last time, the healthcare system was seen collapsed and numerous people died every day. Some medical divisions have restricted surgeries that are unimportant so that they could save more resources for the COVID-19 patients for today and in the future.

Some reports claimed that the spread of new cases had a 50% surge than in the previous week. People have been hospitalized more frequently and the numbers are turning out to be similar to how it was in January.

Since the pandemic first hit the nation, more than 600,000 people have succumbed to death. Around 38,000 deaths were in Florida. So far, more than 48% of the total population in Florida has been vaccinated with both doses. When compared to California with more than 52% vaccinated, Newyork with more than 56% people vaccinated, and Pennsylvania with 52% vaccinated, Florida is trailing behind with the number of vaccinations. They are ahead with the vaccination percentage when compared with that of Illinois having vaccinated more than 48% and Texas with 43%.

Now that the Delta Variant has been lurking around in every state, it’s important that the healthcare departments act quickly to resolve this problem. They must be taking measures that would help them ward off another outbreak similar to that seen in January. So a lot of lives can be saved when people follow the rules in the right way.


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