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EU And The US Must Share Vaccine With Developing Nations

EU And The US Must Share Vaccine With Developing Nations

President Emmanuel Macron has called that almost 3% to 5% of the European Union and the US vaccine should be sent to developing nations so that it can prevent Russia and China from extending their influence in developing nations.

EU And The US Must Share Vaccine With Developing Nations

In an interview through video link, president Macron said that Moscow as well as Beijing are offering vaccine supply to developing nations where vaccination campaigns have barely begun. On the other hand, African nations are made to pay too much price for different Western Jabs. Thus, Russia and China are on a path to promote their own vaccine.

EU And The US Must Share Vaccine With Developing Nations

As per President Macron’s remarks, the world at present is witnessing an unprecedented increase in global inequality and this is also politically unstable. The influence over Covid-19 vaccination is paving a way for a war-like situation. 

As per President Macron, the diversion of a small percentage of doses has the potential to impact the European Vaccine rollout, which is quite slow at the moment. 

President Macron is quite worried about the present situation the world is facing. With the non-availability of vaccines in many countries, true diplomacy can be shown by countries like the United States. The way Russia and China are responding to the critical situation may take the world backward. Thus, it is important for world leaders to play a critical role. The fulfillment of the need for vaccination should be seen as a humanitarian importance and countries around the world should work hand-in-hand. 

Even if a country vaccinated all of its situation, the virus won’t vanish. Infact, it is expected to mutate at a higher rate. The world won’t be Covid-free unless each and every person is vaccinated. 

As per his statement, every country should try to set a small number of doses for other nations. This way the vaccination drive will run faster and people on the ground will also see it happening. 

In addition to President Macron. German Chancellor Angela Merkel also agreed that the vaccination drive should be a collaborative approach. The present situation is not suitable for vaccine diplomacy. The way Russia and China are making diplomatic issues seems like a power game and it is also a matter of public health. 

President Macron also added that he welcomed the global provision of Russian and Chinese vaccines only if the vaccine is certified by scientists for use. 

When questioned by Politico, his adviser said that he can’t comment at the moment about the measures and volumes in which France will give doses. The decision has not been taken in a formal capacity yet. Thus, any comments will be available when right time comes. But, as per the comment, France is at forefront when it comes to Vaccine solidarity.

COVAX, which is a global mechanism has been put in a place where there will be equal distribution of vaccines. As per present circumstances, the first-round of vaccine delivery will start in the month of March. In response to the present situation, the WHO director has called all world leaders to increase their country’s contribution towards COVAX.



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