Experts Bust False Claims That Covid 19 Vaccine Causes Infertility

Experts Bust False Claims That Covid 19 Vaccine Causes Infertility

Soon after the covid-19 vaccines were approved by the FDA, several rumours started spreading on social media about the vaccines. One of the popular rumours in this regard is that the covid-19 vaccine causes infertility in women. However, healthcare experts have completely thrashed such rumours and said that covid-19 vaccine does not affect infertility in women.

The anti-vaccine advocates have tried every measure to bring distrust about the vaccine among the public. Such misinformation campaigns spread quickly across social media and many people are falling victims to such strategies. It is important for the FDA and other authorities to clarify the rumours in this regard and educate the people about the safety and efficiency of the covid-19 vaccine.

Experts Bust False Claims That Covid 19 Vaccine Causes Infertility

The reason for this particular rumor about covid-19 leading to infertility in women is due to a shared Amino acid sequence in the vaccine and placental protein. However, the sequence is too short to give rise to autoimmunity and it will not affect pregnant women in any manner.

One of the primary reasons for such misinformation about specific categories of patients is that pregnant women were not included in the clinical trials done by both Pfizer and Moderna. As there was an urgent need to develop the vaccines for the masses, the companies were not able to include all categories of people and they managed to get emergency use authorization by the FDA only after providing limited clinical trials.

Experts Bust False Claims That Covid 19 Vaccine Causes Infertility

The vaccines are now effective for a vast majority of people above the age of 18 and it can be safely used in a majority of cases when patients do not have serious health conditions. However, the vaccine is still not effectively tested for use in children and pregnant women. The vaccine was shown to be more than 95% effective in a majority of cases and it prevented people from getting sick with the virus.

The vaccine manufacturers have said that they would include other categories of people in further clinical trials and then go for a full use authorization by the FDA. Till then, even though there are no reasons for pregnant women to avoid the vaccines, some doctors say that it is better to wait till further data is available in this regard. If you want to take a vaccine during pregnancy, you should consult your doctor and get suitable suggestions before taking the vaccine.

According to the CDC, pregnant women may be at higher risk for severe illness from coronavirus as they usually have a weakened immune system. In this situation, it is essential to be careful while dealing with Covid 19. Health care experts have clarified that the spike protein of coronavirus is not the same protein that helps to form the placenta in a woman’s body. Even though they appear similar, doctors confirm that they are completely different and using the vaccine will not cause infertility in women.

The mRNA used by both Pfizer and Moderna vaccine degenerates after doing its job and only the antibodies remain in the body to fight the virus. In this way, the vaccine will not harm the fertility of women in any manner.

The authorities have to take such misinformation campaigns seriously and clarify such doubts immediately so that the public can easily trust the vaccine. As of now, there is shortage of supply in the initial stages and the vaccines will soon be available for the common public. During that time, the authorities have to come forward and educate the public about the safety of the vaccines so that the misinformation campaigns do not affect the mindset of the public in general.


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