Experts Say That Pandemic Is Not Over Yet & Will Rise Again

Experts Say That Pandemic Is Not Over Yet & Will Rise Again

Public health officials in the US have warned that the Covid-19 explosion will again start hitting the country during the time of Thanksgiving just before the vacation begins.

Experts Say That Pandemic Is Not Over Yet & Will Rise Again In Winters

But as in this season, there is protection against Covid-19 cases in the form of vaccination shots. Experts also stated that the virus cases won’t surge like the last season.

The damage caused during the last winters was very severe due to the nonavailability of vaccination and other medical facilities. But this time the damage will be very less as there is a great level of protection available.

Experts Say That Pandemic Is Not Over Yet & Will Rise Again

The associate professor of community health science at Boston University school of public health, Monica Wang said “The Covid-19 spike will not be worse last winter because, this time, an ample amount of vaccines are available. And also the approved booster shots for the younger age group will play a significant role and especially in hospitalization and death rates”.

The epidemiologist at Northwestern University Feinberg School of medicine, Dr. Sadiya Khan nodded yes with this statement. She also added, ” She is hopeful that the approved vaccine of 5 to 11 years older will give a safer and protective holiday season than the last year.”

She also stated that people need to understand that the major threat of coronavirus is still prevailing. Various governors of different states and political leaders need to work closely. Political leaders such as California Gov. Gavin Newsom whose state is still recovering from the dangerous delta variant have clogged the hospital emergency rooms and are exhorting the Americans to remain attentive this Winter season. 

As per the trendy projections from the Institute for health metrics and evaluation at Washington school of medicine the winter explosion of Covid-19 is already underway.

The director Dr. Christopher Murray said, “An increasing indication is seen in the Northern Hemisphere which means that a winter explosion has started to unfold.” It’s because the colder weather is forcing the people to be inside their homes and the immunizations from vaccines have been decreasing.

Dr. Christopher Murrray added, ” The characteristic which makes the winter rise is the evidence that peoples are less reluctant than the previous winters and also the mask usage is lower.”

The Covid-19 outbreak is unavoidable in winters, said Gypsyamber D’Souza, the epidemiology educator at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public health. She further added, “The covid-19 cases may increase during holidays as people will get together and travel more than usual.”

But there is positive news that almost 2/3rd of the US population is vaccinated and the number of new cases may increase. But the burden of hospitalization and death will not be the same as last year.

She advises us to be smart and use all the tools which we know will work. She said, “It’s appropriate for the vaccinated and smaller group of people to get together. It’s known what will work and we have all the tools. Till now, wearing masks and getting vaccinated are enclosed in the public workspace. Also, getting together outside homes after weather permission will work. And as the Covid-19 cases increase, it will be harder for some states than others


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