Exposure Of Air Pollution On Maternity Period Affects The New-Born Baby

Exposure Of Air Pollution On Maternity Period Affects The New-Born Baby

A new case study finds that maternal women who expose to air pollution are linked to serious effects for newborn babies during pregnancy. There are very serious studies on this theory; during the monthly stages of pregnant women, they will become more sensitive to air pollution.

Exposure Of Air Pollution On Maternity Period Affects The New-Born Baby

Based on the study conducted by UPV/EHU, they concluded the paper which is published by the Environmental Research team of the journal department that pregnant women are sensitive during the pregnancy of early months and late months.

Exposure Of Air Pollution On Maternity Period Affects The New-Born Baby

According to the maternal study during recent years, the Thyroid is badly affected by air pollution, their hormones are most essential in regulating the metabolism of fetal growth. This study plays a dominant role in the development of neurology. For the note of thyroid effects, thyroxine (T4) is the important hormone that circulates, and hormones that stimulate the thyroid are known as TSH.  

According to the study, for 48 hours newborn babies will go through a heel prick test for thyroxin and TSH levels of the blood are measured. If the balancing of thyroid hormones is not particular then risks may increase the development of serious illness. For this, this study is set forth on the analysis of the relationship between air pollution during pregnancy and the extent of thyroxin in new-born. 

AmaiaIrizarLoibide is the lead researcher in the UPV/EHU study for the preventive medicine department stated that “on these works, we will analyze the data specifically for the effect of maternal exposure on the fine particles like; nitrogen dioxide (NO2)“. These analyses are done every week because the fetus development varies from one week to another week.

Researchers say that there are two main pollutants in air pollution and vehicle pollution such as nitrogen dioxide and the fine particles of matter which are less than size 2.5 Micra. PM2.5 enters the respiratory tract very easily on this note; they are trying to conduct detailed research on the possible orders during pregnancy.

So, INMA had created the samples for analysis on the project Gipuzkoa. The Data collected on the air pollutants PM2.5 and NO2 their levels on TSH and T4 are considered as neonatal heels, etc. Irizar stated that the results which were obtained by the study had revealed many factors on a direct relationship with air pollution for pregnant women. But there is no clear vision on the exposure of nitrogen dioxide.

These results are taken from the limited researches. He also said that the main exposure is done during the initial months of pregnancy and is directly influenced by balancing thyroid hormones. The newborn babies are born with low tendencies of thyroxine. On the increase of fine particles, the leveling of thyroid hormones rapidly extends as this is the reverse effect on balance.

The researchers are stressed on revealing the facts of sensitive periods during pregnancy in the late and early months. On this note, Irizar explained that there is another task on mechanism study by fine particles that causes reverse effects for initial and late pregnancies.

Actually, the fact is not clear on the spheres that exert and passes to the baby through the placenta. On this task, further investigations are needed to know the real facts of exposure symptoms during pregnancy which mainly affect the thyroid hormones, other symptoms also lie in the growth of the baby, obesity problems, and neurological development.


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