Face Masks To Reduce COVID 19 Symptoms!

Face Masks To Reduce COVID 19 Symptoms!

A recent study reveals that a face mask increases the humidity of the breath of its user. Scientists even explain the reasons why increased humidity in the air reduces the severity of COVID 19.

Experts say that face mask increases the humidity of the air a person breathes. According to them, this maybe the reason why face mask reduces the severity of COVID 19. The results were published in a biophysical journal adds up to the significance of wearing a face mask.

Face Masks To Reduce COVID 19 Symptoms!

Face mask has always been a non-pharmaceutical safety net for COVID 19. According to scientists, it prevents a person from passing on the virus to another. It also protects the user from getting the same from anyone. 

Besides, wearing mask is a must even when the world is racing against the clock to vaccinate everyone. CDC points out that there is no sufficient evidence about the protection vaccines offer. And it is yet not time to stop wearing a mask.  Same is the situation even for those who have received the two shots of the vaccine.

Face Masks To Reduce COVID 19 Symptoms!

Recent research revealed that a face mask reduces the spread of the SARS-CoVid-2 virus. It also reduces its severity. Scientists believe that this happens because mask minimizes a person’s exposure to the virus.

There are also others who refuse to accept the theory. There is no reason to believe that lack of exposure to a small amount of the infection will stop its transmission and reduce its severity. The answer lies in the increased humidity of the air the mask-wearer breathes in, they believe.

Scientists observe that the viruses that affect lungs, like that of the cold increase and decrease seasonally. In winter, such infections increase. They believe that this is the same with COVID 19.

Numerous factors may contribute to this scenario:

  • People spend more time inside their homes. So here, air aerosols that contain the virus may increase.
  • An insufficient amount of ultraviolet rays too may activate the virus.
  • The virus lives long in cold air that is less in humidity.

Experts also observe that cold and lack of humidity may affect the physiology of the being that the virus infects. It may increase its severity. They also point out that less humidity in the air worsens influenza.

According to scientists, an increase in humidity prevents dehydration of the lungs that may happen during winter. They also observe that humid air improves the process of clearing out the mucus from the lungs. These too combine and may result in the decrease in the severity of infections.

Scientists wanted to know if this humidity is the thing that contributes to the decrease in infections. For this, they asked a group of people to breathe inside a closed steel box wearing a mask. They measured the humidity with another box that people breathed into without a mask. This showed them how much moisture a mask traps. It evaporates inside and reenters into the lung. Researchers conducted the same experiment in different temperatures.

They realized that mask increases the humidity of the air being breathed in. This was particularly true in low temperatures. They also found out that cotton mask is the most effective here. But N95 masks offer better protection increasing the humidity of the air inside.

At length, researchers found out that the humidity inside the mask hydrates the lungs. This, according to them, contributed to the decreased severity and transmission of infections.

Wear a mask. You will protect not only yourself but also those around you. When the entire country does it, you relieve the strain from hospitals.


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