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Facebook Bans Ads Promoting Weapon Accessories Ahead Of Inauguration


Facebook said that it has banned ads related to promotion of weapon accessories and other protective equipment in the US ahead of the inauguration of Biden on Jan 20. The company said that the ban is temporary and it would last till Jan 22.

Earlier, the company had announced that it was cracking down on the “Stop the steal” campaign that was supposedly run by some Trump supporters. This was done to avoid any sort of violence during the inauguration week. Several supporters of Trump used online media platforms to show their anger against the election outcome and some of them had even called out for violent protests across the country.

Facebook Bans Ads Promoting Weapon Accessories Ahead Of Inauguration

Considering these threats, facebook has decided to clamp down on such activities online. The company said that they regularly prohibit ads related to weapons and enhancements like silencers. Apart from that, they are also prohibiting ads for accessories like gun safes, holsters and vests across the US.

As several security agencies have indicated possible threats during the inauguration events around the country, Facebook said it is closely monitoring the threats and other signals of violence on its platform. The company said that they are watching content related to the threats in Washington and other important cities across the country. The officials of Facebook said that they want to prevent attempts to use Facebook as a platform to instigate violence in the country.

Interestingly, the company has also put a pause on all political advertising as this can provoke some followers to indulge in protests and other violent acts. Recently, Trump had posted several provoking messages on social media and this fueled the US Capitol attacks.

Facebook users will not be able to create any events on Facebook around the White House, US Capitol building in Washington till the inauguration event is completed. Apart from that, they have also applied these restrictions in all the states and users will not be able to create events around any state capitol buildings during the inauguration ceremony.

The company said that they are reviewing the events related to the inauguration and removing all those events that violate their policies. In this way, the platform cannot be used by antisocial elements to organize protests and other harmful activities during the inauguration event.

Whenever there is repeated violation of the policy, Facebook is blocking the accounts from creating live videos and events. In this way, such users will not be able to create new groups or pages to spread misinformation among their followers. Such actions are needed during important events as many security agencies have warned that there is a chance of armed violence during the event.

Interestingly, Facebook had earlier suspended the account of Trump after the US Capitol riots. The company said that they are considering such actions seriously and not tolerating messages that instigate violence in the country. The executives said that the policy does not even spare the President and they have no plans to remove the suspension on Trump’s account in the near future. The company is unlikely to restore the account of Trump at least till the inauguration event is completed on Jan 20.

Along with facebook, several other social media companies are also taking similar measures and they are closely watching the messages related to the inauguration event. Some users use such platforms to spread misinformation and this can investigate several people to indulge in violent acts. To avoid such problems, it is better to restrict permissions with regards to creating events and posting on groups during important occasions.



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