Facebook Locks Ron Paul Out Of His Account For Violating Community Standards


Former Republican congressman Ron Paul was locked out of his Facebook account on Monday for violating community standards. He had recently accused the big tech of silencing Americans and accused the platforms of curtailing free speech in society.

Facebook has decided to block Paul, citing reasons of community standards violation. Reacting to the incident, Paul tweeted that he had never received any notice of violating community standards in the past, and his post was not offending in any manner.

It is interesting to note that Paul had recently argued in his Facebook post that the removal of President Donald Trump from Twitter and other social media platforms was shocking. He said that it was important to value free speech and the free exchange of ideas in society.

Facebook Locks Ron Paul Out Of His Account For Violating Community Standards

He had also alleged that big tech had partnered with the democratic leaders to use their tools to US soft power goals overseas. He also alleged that the social media companies were happy to partner with other agencies in order to silence the free speech across the community.

He said that when there was no internet and social media, people did not have the ability to communicate with thousands and millions of like-minded people in the world.

Facebook Locks Ron Paul Out Of His Account For Violating Community Standards

According to official sources, the Lockout is temporary even though Facebook has not provided any information with regards to how long the account would be suspended. Apart from that, Facebook has also not provided any remedy to the lockout, and it has so far not responded to the questions of the media.

Big Tech has come under a lot of Criticism in recent weeks, especially after it decided to delete the accounts of Donald Trump. It is interesting to note that the stocks of several social media companies fell badly soon after they removed the accounts of the president.

While Twitter claimed that Donald Trump used the platform to provoke his followers to engage in violent acts, several people have accused Twitter of trending various other topics that were violent in nature. In this manner, the behavior of tech companies was clearly biased, and it was evident with their recent actions during the US Presidential elections.

Even the democratic leaders are not happy with the big Tech companies as they have become more powerful in recent years and started to interfere in important events in the country. The recent protests to support the black lives matter movement and other similar incidents across the country were given preferential treatment by the big tech companies. Social media companies have always tried to influence the public by promoting only some types of news.

Apart from that, they have clearly blocked some content that is not in favor of their alleged activities. In this regard, everyone is aware that the big tech companies will face some problems from the political leaders in the near future.

As of now, the technology companies enjoy complete protection under Section 230 with regards to the content posted on their platforms. The political leaders and lawmakers in the country now want such provisions to be removed so that the social media companies will behave in a responsible manner in the future. The incoming administration is likely to take up the issue of curtailing some provisions of Section 230 in the next few months.

Big tech companies are also facing several lawsuits under antitrust laws as they have used various strategies to maintain their Monopoly in the market. Several states and other competitors have filed lawsuits against the top Tech companies in Silicon Valley.


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