Families Of US Hostages Look Up To Biden To Get Them Back

Families Of US Hostages Look Up To Biden To Get Them Back

The families of Americans who are unlawfully detained and held hostage abroad are hoping to get back their loved ones in the near future as a change in administration is set to take place this month.

The families are now hoping that Joe Biden could do something more than the previous administration to secure the freedom of their loved ones.

Families Of US Hostages Look Up To Biden To Get Them Back

Earlier, the Biden team had pledged to work hard towards reuniting the families. According to media reports, there are more than 40 publicly known hostage cases in 11 countries across the world.

Families Of US Hostages Look Up To Biden To Get Them Back

The surprising thing is that this also includes some of the allies of the US, like Saudi Arabia. Apart from that, several hostages are stuck in countries like Iran, Afghanistan, Russia, Syria, and Venezuela.

Some of them have been detained in different countries for many years, and they are not able to get in touch with their family members in the US.

During some of the debates, the president-elect Biden had said that he had seen families keeping empty chairs because they missed their loved ones.

The families are now hoping that Biden will be able to do something and pressurize the countries to release the detainees.

Families insist that the governments should make every possible diplomatic effort to bring back the detainees home in a safe way. Several attempts by the Trump administration to release Americans detained in other countries have been reported publicly in the past.

The US ambassador in Russia also said that they had held several discussions with the Russian government regarding some US detainees in Russia. The authorities said that they consider it a high priority, and they are trying all possible means to get the Americans released.

It is interesting to note that some of the detainees are held in countries like Russia on espionage charges. Some detainees have even been sentenced to prison by the Russian courts.

It is difficult for the US authorities to negotiate such cases as the other countries will not be willing to release detainees if the court has sentenced them for any crime.

It becomes even more difficult to secure the detainees’ release if they have been caught for espionage charges. Most countries value national security, and they will not be able to compromise on such aspects when it comes to foreign citizens.

Several family members of detainees now want the Trump administration to pitch in the last effort to secure the release of such detainees.

However, the Trump administration had some success in getting the hostages and detainees released from Iran and Turkey in the past.

Some of the failures with regards to getting the detainees released came from North Korea and Egypt as the detainees died during the discussions between the two countries.

Political experts feel that some cases are very complex to resolve as it involves national security issues. Apart from that, the two countries may also be having some foreign policy issues that can cast a shadow on the releases of hostages.

It is interesting to note that there is a lot of agreement between the republicans and the democrats with regards to what needs to be done in the issues surrounding the hostages and dealing with Counter-Terrorism.

The Obama administration received criticism for the way it handled the cases of some journalists and humanitarian workers who were murdered by ISIS in Syria. Later on, there has been a lot of changes in the way the government deals with hostage families.

Many families expressed optimism with regards to the continuity of efforts to get the hostages released by the incoming administration.


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