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Do you sense your body is stuck in this constant phase of fatigue? Experiencing high levels of anxiety, memory loss, or hormonal fluctuations? If the answers are yes, women are more likely to have these symptoms. Why? Women shift from one stage to the next throughout their lives, wreaking havoc on the various hormones that govern our actions. At rest, hormone balance is a hard nut to crack, so imagine what the different stages of life will do to them!

Even more frustrating is that not much information is readily available on what types of actions can be taken to mitigate these changes. Breaking out of a funk with low energy levels and high anxiety is not easy. Finding the motivation to eat better and move more can be complex, mainly because the solutions offered are not tailored to each individual’s body. Our research team completely understands this and has made it our mission to assist people in regaining control of their health.

Fasting has been shown repeatedly to help with weight loss, energy levels, and other issues. With this in mind, we came across a summit aimed at helping people conquer health issues via fasting while also identifying the best techniques for a completely individualized experience. Interested in hearing what professionals have to say about the topic at hand? This review tries to shed light on the upcoming Fast Like A Girl Summit.

What is the Fast Like A Girl Summit?

Fast Like A Girl is a seven-day virtual summit taking place from Tuesday, August 15, 2023, through Monday, August 21, 2023; a secure space for learning about the benefits of fasting has been developed, where over 40 specialists in nutrition, genetics, hormonal health, and much more will share their knowledge over several segments to help women take charge of their health. According to the experts, fasting for hormonal balance is the ideal method for general wellness, and each person will bring a unique perspective in favor of this.

Attendees should expect to leave with the tools and resources needed to control their lives. Above all, the summit’s organizers recognize that each individual will require a unique solution to better living and hence will seek to unearth custom and specialized routines to meet every type of lifestyle. The benefits of fasting for hormone health, anti-aging techniques, immune health, menopause, and mental well-being are among the subjects covered at this summit.

With the basis for this summit covered, it’s time to get deeper into the content to be shared. Next, we’ll lay out the agenda for the conference, including who will be speaking and what they want attendees to take away by the end of each section.

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What is the schedule for the Fast Like A Girl Summit?

The Fast Like A Girl Summit has an average of nine specialists, give or take a few, who will cover various elements of health and how fasting can be incorporated into them over seven days. Here’s a quick overview of what each day might comprise:

Day 1: Fasting, Anxiety, and Mood

The first day will kick off with the co-host of the summit, Dr. Mindy Pelz, who will dive into the benefits of fasting for weight loss and overall mental clarity. Specifically, she will discuss the different variations of the ketogenic diet and how it may help balance hormones and manage menopausal symptoms. She will also highlight the importance of the microbiome when it comes to weight loss, detoxification, and cravings. To conclude, Dr. Mindy Pelz will present her case in favor of detoxification (especially in highly toxic environments) for overall betterment.

Kashif Khan, the other co-host of the summit, will follow suit and immediately introduce the notions of “neurochemical imbalances” and the “genetic influences” and how they help to identify the root causes of anxiety attacks. Then he’ll delve into dysregulated serotonin and its impact on anxiety and emotional recall. His goal for this day is to showcase anxiety in a different light and to dispel the most common misconceptions surrounding it.

Next, Danica Patrick will take the stage and share her personal story of being a female champion in a male-dominated sport. She will highlight the importance of perseverance and willpower for achieving any goal. To further drive her point home, she will introduce yet another factor into the equation, which is none other than spiritual connection. In her honest opinion, the spiritual relationship one develops can improve one’s life, and she intends to demonstrate how to harness it to guarantee that everyone considers this.

Switching gears, Dr. Felice Gersh will provide a detailed presentation on estrogens and the influence fasting has on these and other hormones during different phases of life. She will detail how to create a customized fasting schedule corresponding to one’s menstrual cycle for the best possible hormone balance. From there, Dr. Felice Gersh will demonstrate to the audience how to alter the fasting practice as life and hormones change to maintain optimal hormone health at all times.

Dr. Annette Bosworth will take everyone on a tour of the world of mood and memory potential. She will share her insight on developing strategies to manage mood imbalances and reach optimal mood daily. To finalize her segment, she plans to discuss mental fatigue and the steps to eradicating such feelings at their source (hint: it requires focusing on cell health and incorporating rejuvenating techniques).

The next speaker is Dr. Christine Schaffner, who will offer intel on how to rejuvenate the body and overcome the feelings of being “stuck” in life and combatting health-related plateaus. She will discuss how pollutants can affect health and hormones and the efforts that can be taken to reduce exposure to them. Her segment will close once she can outline the steps to mastering the art of cleansing for optimal hormone balance and overall wellness.

Deanna Hansen plans to take the stand to understand the effect of fascia, a connective tissue that surrounds and holds every organ. The relation between the fascia, hormone flow, and thyroid function is crucial to her since it can affect one’s posture and cause irreversible changes. As a result, her primary focus will be on raising awareness about this issue.

Catharine Arnston will change topics and disclose information on how algae tablets may provide nutritional benefits and how to incorporate them into fasting routines to achieve improved energy and vitality. She’ll explain how these tablets assisted her in maintaining a fasting condition and reducing the need for carbs intake. Other benefits she feels people should know of include restored mitochondria and improved quality of one’s fast and healthy longevity.

The last speaker of the day, Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling, will emphasize the power of quantum energy and frequency in the body. He will go over the possibilities of frequency medicine, how it may change people’s lives, and the benefits of quantum devices on well-being.

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Day 2: Menopause Hormones, Binge Eating and Fasting Cycle

Dr. Mindy Pelz will kick start this day by discussing the importance of the body’s inner healing power and how toxic load, physical and emotional trauma, and thoughts can slow down this healing. She will emphasize the significance of cleansing and increased mobility to boost the body’s healing potential. According to her, understanding the source of toxins in everyday life is a big step because once those are removed, the body can learn how to heal faster. She will close by reviewing the importance of positive thinking and self-love in the healing process and overall well-being.

Kashif Khan will take over to investigate the role that genetic factors play in weight loss challenges and how hidden genes can influence behavior and hinder progress. He will explain how to overcome cravings and overeating by studying the role of the MSI4 gene in seeking diversity and satisfaction in the palate. He also plans to explore the relationship between serotonin dysregulation and stress eating while digging into stress management practices to break the pattern of using food as a coping strategy.

Dr. Anna Cabeca’s segment will undoubtedly be on hormones and the importance of balancing them during menopause. She firmly believes that having balanced hormones throughout menopause is the most significant factor in improving well-being, especially in weight management, a healthy sex life, ad overall happiness. She will speak about how the Keto Green lifestyle, which consists of eating greens and healthy fats, can influence the menopausal journey. Her mission is to educate the masses on how to navigate menopause and appreciate this stage of life.

Switching gears, Dr. Sandra Scheinbaum will take the audience down the road of binge eating and how easy it is to fall victim to it. Reflecting on your eating habits to determine whether binge eating is impeding progress toward health objectives is a vital step. She will address how loneliness frequently leads to poor habits and how cultivating strong social relationships may increase overall well-being. To close, she will talk about time restriction as a strategy to take control of one’s eating habits and end the cycle of binge eating.

While finding balanced eating habits, Megan Ramos will survey the world of fasting and type 2 diabetes. She will reveal some crucial insights that will help the audience comprehend type 2 diabetes treatment and the means of reversing it (one of them being fasting) for one’s wellness. She will also offer practical advice on how to manage this disease with fasting practices that are both accessible and sustainable.

Dr. Jack Wolfson will take the stage to speak about heart health and the tactics that may be used to achieve a healthy heart at any age. To hit a home run, he will cover nutrition, fitness, and fasting on heart health and how to incorporate them into daily life properly. He will conclude by presenting tried-and-tested measures for a healthier heart and longer life.

Returning to binge eating, Tricia Nelson will discuss the psychological and emotional triggers behind nighttime binge eating and the difference between emotional hunger and true hunger. She insists she is well-positioned to offer tools for combating obsessive food thoughts and cravings and steps to shift one’s perspective on food to achieve a healthy relationship with it. Her mission is to teach people how to break free from the shackles of emotional eating and develop a healthy relationship with food to reach optimal mental and physical well-being.

Dr. Amy Shah will change pace and dive into menstrual cycles. She sees fasting as a unique opportunity to achieve maximum hormone health by synchronizing it with menstrual cycles. She will understand the physiological underpinnings of menstrual cycle fasting and how it can lead to greater health and well-being. Her segment aims to provide resources women can apply for cycle-syncing in their life.

The last speaker of the day, Juraj Kocar, will do a deep dive into electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) and their impact on health. He will touch upon the Somavedic device, a frequency therapy instrument designed to counteract the detrimental effects of EMFs and geomagnetic zones. His purpose is to educate attendees on how reducing EMF exposure can lead to improved health.

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Day 3: Metabolism, Infertility and Hormone Health

As usual, the third day of the summit will start with Dr. Mindy Pelz, who will investigate the importance of metabolism in energy generation. She’ll show everyone how to improve their metabolism by switching between being a sugar burner and a fat burner. From there, she will address the benefits of intermittent fasting and how it can assist in speeding up metabolism, as well as how having an eating window of 8 to 10 hours and fasting for the remainder of the day can help the body be metabolically resilient. Finally, she plans to break the silence by revealing which foods to eat to break the fast for maximum metabolic benefits and improved insulin sensitivity.

Kashif Khan plans to discuss a sensitive topic on this day: infertility. He wants everyone to understand their hormonal profile and gene expression, both of which are essential in dealing with infertility issues. He’ll also explain how androgen dominance can cause infertility. To wrap things up, Kashif will recommend a customized list of supplements and hormone management regimens based on individual gene expression to optimize hormone levels and promote fertility.

While on the topic of hormones, Dr. Sharon Stills will start her piece by providing information on how to prepare the body for menopause by understanding how to balance hormones safely to master the menopause phase of life. She will uncover tips on how to pause menopause and enhance the quality of life. She aims to have the audience become masters of menopause and adopt a holistic approach that includes hormone balance, nutrition, and mindfulness.

Staying on the menopause track, Cynthia Thurlow will share insight on incorporating fasting strategies as one goes from the perimenopausal to the menopause stage in a way tailored for every unique body. She will review menopause hacks and how to use them to self-empower oneself. All-in-all, she hopes to present enough information on this subject so that people are prepared to embrace nutritional changes to help the body, resulting in a smooth menopausal journey.

Dr. Cheng Ruan is next in line and will cover a surprising topic: breathing to improve brain function and cognitive abilities. He will educate people about the relationship between the skull, dental health, and brain process and the steps they may take to maintain their general health. Moreover, he will demonstrate to the audience how breathwork may be used to treat chronic conditions and eliminate tendencies that impede health improvement.

Katrine Volynsky plans to cover the different phases of the menstrual cycle and their influence on sleep and hormones. People may expect to learn more about the tools that make each cycle easier and diet and microbiome health for balanced hormones. Finally, she will identify essential foods and supplements that work for the various phases of the cycle, resulting in optimal performance and well-being.

Remaining on the topic of hormones, Dr. Morgan Nolte will share his two cents on insulin resistance and the chaos it causes to one’s hormonal health. She will thus offer some advice on overcoming insulin resistance so that hormone health can be enhanced with long-term well-being through lifestyle modifications. Specifically, she will discuss an integrative strategy for achieving optimal hormonal health by addressing insulin resistance.

Mona Sharma will carry on the day with hormonal talks as she will uncover the steps to curating an environment that naturally supports hormonal health. She will highlight the importance of hormone-friendly living spaces and routines and how they can improve wellness and productivity. To achieve optimal hormonal health, she will outline some actions that can be made to match one’s environment with their hormonal rhythms.

The day will end with Dr. Edward Walker, who will dive into details on how Amarasate plays an essential role in suppressing hunger. He will discuss how to follow a natural route created in tune with your body’s rhythms. Finally, he will explain the most recent findings from academic studies on hunger-free fasting.

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Day 4: Weight Loss, Sleep, and Hormones

Dr. Mindy Pelz plans to start the fourth day of Fast Like A Girl with intermittent fasting. She plans to address the importance of detoxification on weight loss and fasting and seven essential steps that can be performed to improve attempts at weight loss with intermittent fasting.

Kashif Khan will reintroduce metabolism, namely metabolic issues, and their effect on sleep quality. Next, he’ll navigate proper dietary changes and the right eating windows for restorative sleep. This includes considering the link between controlling stress while resolving trauma before night and stress response dysregulation in sleep difficulties. He will conclude his segment by delving into biohacking ideas, such as using weighted blankets to improve the sleep environment and quality.

Next, Dr. Margaret Christensen will do a deep dive into hormones, how they are made and processed, and how they can be protected from environmental challenges. She will provide information on the impact of hormone health in today’s environment and tools to protect one’s hormones. She will end her segment by helping individuals adapt and prioritize hormonal health to achieve a balanced life.

Dr. Sonya Jensen will then share her viewpoints on the hormonal changes that occur during perimenopause and their effect on mood and stress levels. She will present how healing past traumas can lead to a smoother menopause journey and how one can create a supportive environment to navigate through menopause. She will explore the value of communication in helping others provide care and support during the perimenopausal period before she hands over the mic.

Dr. Nafysa Parpia will continue the day with menopause information, precisely regarding detoxing and why the technique may sometimes lead to worsened menopause symptoms. She will supply the knowledge required to thoroughly detoxify the body to facilitate a painless transition through menopause. In order to improve overall health and wellness during this period, she will finally reveal actionable steps for successfully detoxifying heavy metals from the body.

Menopause information is intensified as Andrea Donsky will expose some ground-breaking findings from a study that contained 3000 menopausal women, which will bring to light the vast symptoms and experiences that women go through. She will also uncover some tips to manage sleep during menopause to promote restorative rest and improve well-being. She will finish her segment by discussing the truth about some myths surrounding menopause with science-based research so that individuals receive the best possible knowledge on navigating these times.

Dr. Stephanie Estima will continue educating the audience about how to deal with physical changes as menopause approaches. In order to obtain the best possible energy levels and wellness during this shift, she will go over the appropriate diet to assist hormonal change. Additionally, she will provide some exercises promoting physical, mental, and emotional health.

Laurie Lewis will then reveal some simple changes that can be made to reduce challenges in life and build the foundation for long-term wellness. She will teach how fasting may be strategically employed to nourish the body and assist with various health conditions. Before wrapping things up, she will present a breakdown of developing fasting habits customized to personal needs and objectives that result in the best possible physical and mental health.

Dr. Diane Mueller will end this day by examining the relationship between environmental toxins and libido so that individuals can learn how to combat these effects for increased intimacy, especially throughout menopause. She will educate the audience on the value of intimacy for long-term health and the beneficial effects of a healthy libido on several facets of life. To help people have intimate connections, she will end the day by advising on how to rekindle one’s libido in the face of contemporary pollutants.

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Day 5: Genes, Metabolic Plague and Toxins

Dr. Mindy Pelz will start the fifth day by introducing food as a medicine. Specifically, the expert plans to unveil the exact types of food she believes will stimulate autophagy, the body’s natural self-healing process. The audience can also expect to thoroughly understand the rationale behind food as a medicine.

As always, Kashif Khan will take over after Dr. Mindy Pelz, but this time to shed light on the importance of methylation in resolving neurology and inflammation problems. He will teach attendees about B12 metabolism and methylation and gene expression’s impact on the pair. To achieve optimal health, he insists people must take individualized supplements and follow detoxification protocols that align with one’s respective needs.

Next, Iman Hasan will discuss genetic predisposition to diseases and how it is possible to avoid these diseases. She will do so by providing steps that individuals can take to reduce their risk of genetic diseases and reveal an integrative health approach for optimal healing. Finally, she will share some tips on how to balance work and wellness without sacrificing ambitions.

Dr. William Sears will take the stage to delve into his own personal journey of overcoming genetic tendencies toward colon cancer and how the steps he took can also be incorporated into others’ lives for similar outcomes. He plans to address the need for a customized sleep schedule that supports the concepts of epigenetics for healthy aging and the relationship between sleep and gene health. He will conclude his segment by offering advice on integrating nutrigenetics and epigenetics into daily routines.

Dr. Samuel Shay plans to share his viewpoint on lab testing. In particular, he believes people need to be aware of the type of information that these test results deliver and how to implement changes accordingly. To make this a smooth-sailing journey for all, he will go to great lengths to drill “10 pillars of health framework” into everyone’s minds. Why? The latter supposedly helps create a solid foundation for making informed health decisions. Finally, he will stress the value of repeat testing and identify warning indications that it’s time to reevaluate one’s health.

Dr. Jennifer Simmons’ segment will continue the health talk by deep diving into how gut issues may lead to breast cancer and what steps can be taken to monitor and improve gut health. She will provide information about the two leading causes of breast cancer and how to protect oneself. She will highlight the immune system’s role in preventing breast cancer and commit to nurturing it.

Dr. Jonny Bowden insists people need to know the truth, and what better way than to debunk myths surrounding cholesterol and reveal the triggers of heart disease. He’ll explain how insulin resistance develops and what efforts can be taken to avoid or reverse it. He will discover a significant indicator of heart disease so that people can take preventative measures to guard against it.

On the topic of proactive protection, Dr. Wendie Trubow will showcase the ways that toxins can impact health, especially in terms of weight gain, menopause, and sleep, and the kinds of lifestyle changes that must be adopted to reach detoxification. She will uncover several simple adjustments that can significantly enhance health by focusing on reducing toxin exposure. She will teach participants how to manage the toxic overload in the body and environment for a fulfilling, healthy existence.

Caroline Alan is the expert to hear if people are curious about minerals. The importance of minerals in the body and the necessity of consuming them will be emphasized during her segment. She will discuss the effects of mineral deficiencies on the body as well as the significance of maintaining the proper mineral balance. She will discuss two essential minerals, fulvic and humic, crucial for eliminating toxins from cells and preserving mineral equilibrium.

The day will end with Michael Dubrovsky, who will examine the power of comprehensive blood testing. He will reveal the potential of incorporating wearable data with blood test results. He will end by highlighting the importance of regular monitoring for optimal health.

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Day 6: Fasting Cycle, Menopause, and Self-Love

If you’ve never heard of the term “hormonal hierarchy,” neither have we. Luckily for us, Dr. Mindy Pelz plans to set the record straight on this notion and how fasting can impact hormone balance in women. She will underline again how crucial intermittent fasting is and how eventually achieving ketosis can positively impact your health. For her final point, she will go through adjusting your fasting habits based on your age and menstrual cycle to have the best hormone production and balance.

From there, Kashi Khan will make a compelling argument regarding the relationship between gut health and migraines and how dysbiosis can lead to neuroinflammation. He hopes to get technical enough about the influence the GC1 gene may have on glutathione function in the gut and detoxifying toxins. He will finish by highlighting the importance of a personalized diet for gut support and resolving migraines.

Having a hard time embracing life past 40? Well, Sheri Salata will drive home why it is a must to love oneself in the later stages of life, especially when establishing one’s dream life. She will indulge the audience in the art of manifestation to create the lifestyle, relationships, and experiences that are wanted for joy and fulfillment. She will finish by delivering insight on transitioning into the next phase of life with confidence and a sense of purpose and empowerment.

Dr. Carrie Jones will switch gears with her segment on how to manage the mental waves of menopause with proven tips to help individuals overcome mental distress and become stronger. She will also stress fundamental lifestyle changes to adopt to reduce mental challenges and ensure a smoother transition to menopause. She will highlight the importance of being mentally resilient during menopause and the types of activities to embrace that will lead to emotional well-being.

James Barry will change the subject to nutrition while discussing the skills he learned as a chef for numerous celebrities and how regular people may benefit from them. He will share how to use the primary source of nourishment for health and well-being and offer advice on modifying one’s diet to lead a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing flavor.

Dr. Marisol Teijeiro aims to uncover the powerful detoxification properties of castor oil and how to incorporate it into one’s routine to achieve improved well-being. Naturally, she will demonstrate how to apply castor oil to various body regions to address multiple health issues. She will end her talk by debating the benefits of castor oil for enhancing health and the best ways to use it.

Dr. Stephanie Canestraro will speak on the subject of the vagus nerve and how to recognize the warning signs that indicate a problem may be present. Moreover, she’ll demonstrate how the modern environment is filled with frequency and how it can endanger the neurological system. As a final remark, she will share information and advice on naturally maintaining and restoring the vagus nerve and nervous system.

Finally, Dr. Melissa Sonner will delve into the prominence of creating a personal space even amid chaos. She will provide tips on how to do so and how one should stand up for themselves for personal growth. She will end by giving insight into how to create a desired life.

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Day 7: Better Living, Ageless Skin and Balance

On the last day, Dr. Mindy Pelz will get right to business by showing everyone how to gradually start with intermittent fasting. Most importantly, she will emphasize the need for time as the body learns to adapt to consuming within a window while revealing foods and measures that initiate ketosis. She then leaves everyone contemplating raising oxytocin levels to regulate cortisol and facilitate fasting.

Then, Rachel Varga will dive into the nitty-gritty of the skin’s genetic profile to curate a skincare routine focusing on rejuvenation and graceful aging. She will highlight the importance of testing to slow down aging and achieve optimal hair, skin, and nails. To finish things off, she’ll inform everyone of the latest possibilities focused on slowing down aging.

Dr. Robert Whitfield insists on doing a deep dive into the genetic susceptibility of getting breast implant illness. He will uncover the latest research surrounding breast implant illness and reveal proven strategies to overcome and heal after diagnosis.

Bianca Peyvan wants everyone to listen in on clinical stories about the importance of parasites and why people must pay attention to their health. To get the message across, she will share her two cents on the latest health trends trusted to transform lives and dig deeper into the stories that stem from lab results.

It will then be Jennifer Bet-David’s turn to discuss balancing life as a businesswoman and spouse. She will highlight the importance of personal development and continuous learning as critical factors in bringing excitement and vitality to life. People will quickly realize how life-transforming it is to embrace their strengths, values, and aspiration for completeness.

The summit will end with Dr. Michael Karlfeldt, who will provide knowledge about the lesser-known truths of cancer and its healing methods. He will discuss photo modulation’s role in maintaining healthy mitochondria and close by unearthing everything relevant regarding elimination pathways.

Who are the hosts of the Fast Like A Girl Summit?

It should be clear at this point that Kashif Khan and Dr. Mindy Pelz are The Fast Like Girl Summit’s hosts. Why is this pair so committed to fasting? Below is a brief biography of both individuals, which demonstrates their fitting role as co-hosts:

Kashif Khan

Kashif Khan is the CEO of The DNA Company and an avid innovator in personalized medicine. When Kashif discovered that his genes were wired for entrepreneurship but also suggested sensitivity to environmental influences, he became highly interested in functional genomics. He established The DNA Company using this knowledge to contribute to decoding the human genome and provide unique solutions and insights individually. This endeavor is beneficial for anticipating future diagnoses and stopping them.

Mindy Pelz

Dr. Mindy Pelz is a renowned individual in holistic health specializing in women’s health. She is a significant contributor to the women’s health revolution since she encouraged hundreds of thousands of women to harness the inherent healing abilities of their bodies through fasting, food modification, detoxification, stress reduction, and lifestyle adjustments.

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What can be gained from attending the Fast Like A Girl Summit?

The Fast Like A Girl Summit’s mission is to provide insight and science-based approaches to maximizing the art of fasting for improving health. Individuals can expect to gain a deep understanding of a variety of health-related topics while finally having answers to the following questions:

How to incorporate different fasting practices best suited and tailored for individual goals surrounding hormonal harmony?

What are the latest treatments targeting unique genetic profiles to maintain hormonal balance and optimize well-being?

What is the relationship between skin, anti-aging practices, and genetic profiles?

Why is it pertinent to understand how the gut, immune, and hormones affect the body?

How to navigate the shaky waters of menopause and perimenopause with utmost confidence?

What is the impact of hormonal challenges on mental and emotional well-being?

How much does it cost to attend the Fast Like A Girl Summit?

The Fast Like A Girl Summit is entirely free to attend so long as it is within the allotted week. By signing up today, attendees will also gain access to many bonus resources, such as:

  • Bonus #1. Fast Like A Girl Free Chapter from Mindy Pelz, DC;
  • Bonus #2. Bonus Recipes from Fast Like A Girl from Mindy Pelz, DC;
  • Bonus #3. The DNA Way Chapter 3: Doctor You from Kashif Khan;
  • Bonus #4. The Pre-Tox Protocol from Nafysa Parpia, ND;
  • Bonus #5. 5 Blood Tests All Female Patients Need from Stephanie Estima, DC;
  • Bonus #6. Intermittent Fasting Guide from Cynthia Thurlow, NP;
  • Bonus #7. Recipes for Real Health from Jennifer Simmons, MD;
  • Bonus #8. Fasting & Stress from Sharon Stills, ND;
  • Bonus #9. The Ultimate Skin Care Checklist from Rachel Varga, BSN, RN, CANS;
  • Bonus #10. 7 Uncommon Daily Habits to Turbocharge Weight Loss & Energy from Johnny Bowden, Ph.D., CNS, and Annika Rockwell, RDN;
  • Bonus #11. Biohack Your Biohacking with The 10 Pillars of Health from Samuel Shay, C, IFMCP;
  • Bonus #12. How to Become A Health Coach from Sandra Scheinbaum, Ph.D.;
  • Bonus #13. Dirty Girl Toxin Free Living Guide from Wendie Trubow, MD, MBA, IFMCP;
  • Bonus #14. Fast For Your Libido Video eBook from Diane Mueller, ND, DAOM, LAc;
  • Bonus #15. Castor Oil Packs from Marisol Teijeiro, ND;
  • Bonus #16. Biomarker Mastery from Pavel Korecky, MD;
  • Bonus #17. Calocurb’s Complete Guide to Fasting from Calocurb Ltd.

Of course, the issue with such a summit is that access will not always be free. For those who wish to hold onto the material disclosed throughout Fast Like A Girl Summit, a one-time price of $67 will include the following resources for two people:

  • Immediate access to all the interviews, including videos, audio files, and interview transcripts;
  • Exclusive premium-only vault comprising bonus resources reserved for members;
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.

Final Verdict

Although fasting has long been criticized and likened to starvation, it has many more advantages than one might have thought. This procedure can be compared to filling up a car with gas. There is a limit to how much gas it can carry before it starts to harm the car. The aim should be to refuel when necessary (but not close to an empty tank) rather than constantly pumping. The hosts and guest presenters of the Fast Like A Girl Summit firmly believe fasting will ensure hormones are in balance while improving the gut, immune system, mental health, cognition, skin, hair, and nail.

It will probably take some time for people to accept that fasting is positive, but we are confident that the speakers will help change people’s minds. Contrary to popular belief, dietitians and other health professionals don’t always freely divulge information about this topic. Therefore, it is no surprise that The Fast Like A Girl Summit is highly anticipated. Think about it; we are talking about a platform that will boast decades and decades of knowledge in this field. To reserve a spot at this summit and access the abundant resources offered for a modest fee, visit the official website today!

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