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Fatal Shooting And A Chase Out In Mexico


A fatal shooting of a Mexico State police officer led to a speeding chase-out of the culprit that finally ended in a shootout with the suspect. The incident took place on Thursday. The suspect is identified and is confirmed dead on the spot. 

According to the Mexico State Police, officer Darian Jarrott was shot on interstate 10. The site of incident is close to the town of Akela, Luna County. It is located about 70 miles in the northwest of El Paso, Texas at interstate 10. Officer Darian Jarrott was 28 years old at the time of his death. 

Fatal Shooting And A Chase Out In Mexico

NMSP chief Robert Thornton reported in a press conference on Thursday that Jarrott had initiated a traffic stop of a white pickup truck. He was assisting a homeland security investigation at that time. 

The driver of the truck is identified as a 39 years old man named Omar Felix Cueva. He shot Jarrott before he manages to get away toward Las Cruces on interstate 10.

Fatal Shooting And A Chase Out In Mexico

According to the police, Cueva was intercepted when he was about 15 miles from the fatal shooting grounds. When asked to stop, he pulled over his weapon from that distance and fired at officer Jarrott. Gunfire was then exchanged between the police and Cueva. But Cueva managed to escape to east on interstate 10 and fled away. He was approaching the Las Cruces. 

After that, he was chased by the law enforcements of various departments. Thornton also added that the officers of NMSP, US Border patrol, Las Cruces police etc. were also involved in the speeded chase. 

The Las Cruces police, who was well informed about the suspect, was well prepared. Upon entering the Las Cruces, Cueva encountered spikes strips on roads laid by the Cruces police. This damaged the truck’s tires. As per Thornton’s statement, a Las Cruces police officer deployed a special technique, Pursuit Intervention Technique, to force the truck sideways. The truck finally came to a halt. 

The entire incident at Cruces was captured on a video. The video was recorded and later posted online by Austin Contreras. He was working on a construction site during the incident. The video was shot from the construction site about 40 miles away.

Dan Trujillo, Las Cruces police spokesperson, said that the amateur video posted online by Contreras is authentic. 

The video showed how a police officer shoved off the truck. The truck finally came to a halt. Cueva, then had to come out of the truck. He was pointing a firearm at the officers. There were sounds of gunfire throughout the video. One of the Cruces police officers could be seen crouching behind a police vehicle, closest to Cueva’s white truck. 

Continuous gunfire can be heard in the video. The firing ceased only when the police finally approached the white truck. Cueva was lying motionless near the truck. 

Cruces state police confirmed that Cueva received at least one gunshot and died on the scene. 

During the crossfire between Cueva and the Cruces police, one officer also got injured. But according to the police, the officer, after receiving treatment from a hospital, was released. The injuries were not major. 

Jarrott had begin his career in the New Mexico Department of Public Safety. He served as a transportation inspector in the department. Later he sworn in as a NMSP officer in July 2015. 

NMSP chief Thornton mentioned that Jarrott is survived by three young children. He was also expecting his fourth child this year. 

Thornton said that they had gathered to pay honor to Officer Darian for his sacrifices for the community and state. He said that Darian is described as one of the nicest persons met by one of the colleagues. 



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