Feds Charge Left-wing Activist John Sullivan

Federal prosecutors charged the founder of Insurgence USA group, John Sullivan, in connection with the US capitol riots. He allegedly recorded the fatal shooting of a Trump supporter inside the capitol building.

Sullivan founded the Insurgence USA group recently in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd. He has been charged with illegal entry to the Capitol And creating civil disorder and violence on Capitol grounds. He also faced separate charges of rioting and criminal mischief related to the incident in Provo, Utah, on June 30, 2020. During that incident, a person was shot and injured during the protest against police brutality.

Feds Charge Left-wing Activist John Sullivan

Sullivan informed FBI agents that he showed up at the Capitol to document the activities of the Trump supporters. However, the FBI affidavit indicates that Sullivan was acting like an active participant in the riots rather than as a journalist.

Sullivan was filming at the Capitol building when the police officer shot Trump supporter Ashli Babbit. Babbitt, a 14 year Air Force veteran, tried to enter a barricaded section of the Capitol when she was shot dead by the police officer.

Feds Charge Left-wing Activist John Sullivan

Sullivan acknowledged that he was not a Trump supporter, and he was only there to record the activities of Trump supporters who were protesting against the election results. However, he denied instigating the rioters who participated in the protests.

Several supporters of Trump have pointed out that some left-wing activists were present at the US capitol building during the riots, and they have provoked several Trump supporters to act in a violent manner.

The protests by Trump supporters took an ugly turn when some of them stormed the capitol building and damaged the furniture in the building. Police opened fire on the rioters and brought the situation under control.

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