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Most foot pic applications make it pretty easy to sign-up and get started. After all, the more traffic and sales their sellers generate, the more popular the app becomes. In short, your success is their success. But for some people, the thought of going through the app download, sign-up and registration process for any new company seems daunting.

If you’re one of these people and you’re thinking about selling foot content on the FeetFinder app, keep reading. Below you’ll find a step-by-step guide on how to download the app, sign up on the platform plus a few hints and tips to simplify the process. 


How to Sign-Up As a Seller on the Feet Finder App

In actual fact, FeetFinder has no app! Most of the apps out there are advertising as FeetFinder, but in actual fact aren’t anything to do with the company.

Tonnes of people each month search for “download the FeetFinder App”. But they won’t find the right feet pic selling platform.

So in the absence of an app, what should you do?

Start by visiting the website’s homepage at FeetFinder.com. From here, you can either click on “View/Buy Feet Pics” or “Sell Feet Pics”. For the purpose of this article, we’re focused on selling so click the second option. In the future, you can simply click “Sign In” to access your profile and account dashboard. 



After making your selection, you’ll be redirected to the website’s welcome page. Here, you’ll find information about the cost of a subscription ($4.99 per month for the basic plan or $14.99 for the entire year), which gives you access to an ID-verified platform (more on this in a minute). 

The page goes on to explain what this money is used for – marketing, adding new features to the website, and security. If you want more information on how these funds are spent, click on “Why do I pay?” below the “Continue” button on this page. 

Most foot pic platforms do charge a membership or subscription fee for sellers with the money going towards website maintenance and protection, but sites like FunwithFeet charge less and let sellers keep 100% of their earnings. 

This means you’re getting the same level of service for less, which is something to keep in mind when selling on FeetFinder. 



After you click “Continue” you’ll be asked for some basic information, plus a username. This is the display name that will appear on your sales page so make sure it’s unique, creative, and doesn’t reveal your true identity if you’re selling anonymously. You also need to provide your email address, create a unique password, and select the region where you live.



The next step in the sign-up process is where some people get spooked. FeetFinder requires all of its sellers to upload a picture of their government-issued photo ID and a selfie holding the ID. This is done to ensure that all sellers are at least 18 years old and are who they say they are. You’ll also be asked to enter your date of birth, including the year. 

While this is an impressive safety measure that many users appreciate, others find the process slightly invasive and aren’t comfortable uploading their ID photo online. If you feel uncomfortable with this step, you won’t be able to register with FeetFinder. If you decide to bite the bullet, you can upload the appropriate images and move on to the next step in the sign-up process.



FeetFinder claims it takes between 24 and 72 hours for all new seller accounts to be verified. You’ll receive an email once your identity is confirmed and you can then access all the website’s features. 


A Reminder: Looking to download the FeetFinder App?

As mentioned above, downloading the FeetFinder app is a non-starter. 

They don’t actually have an app and sellers sign up via their website.

You may be thinking, why are there so many apps that are called “FeetFinder?”

It’s because other sites are trying to entice you to sign up to their services, under the guise of FeetFinder. That’s how they make money.


If it’s not the real FeetFinder, what are the FeetFinder Apps?

On Google Play, you’ll find a tonne of apps pretending to be FeetFinder.

FeetFinder App: New World LLC



One example is FeetFinder by New World LLC. Their sales pitch is that they want to connect people with feet interests, in a safe way. Their app seems to attract a lot of downloads, over 10,000 in fact.

In addition, they have a 4.3 star rating on their app. However, read through the reviews. There are a lot of good ones to begin with, following a more recent onslaught of negative 1 star reviews.



FeetFinder – Buy & Sell: Finder official



Unfortunately, unlike the name suggest, there is nothing official about this app. Downloading this FeetFinder app will likely result in sellers feeling misguided for sure.

With a rating of 1.8 stars, they haven’t done as an amazing job as their other fake FeetFinder app competition. However, they’ve had over 50,000 downloads of their app. Wow!

Some of the most damning reviews are below. Be careful when downloading their app, it’s not a good way to make money (you’ll likely end up losing money!)


Choose a Subscription Plan 

When downloading an app and paying a subscription, it usually means you get billed via Google Pay or the App Store.  

But with FeetFinder you need to pay using a bank card directly to the company’s payment processor. 

All sellers on FeetFinder need to pay a monthly subscription fee plus a 20% commission on all their sales. The basic monthly plans are reasonably priced, but FeetFinder heavily promotes its premium plan which is slightly more expensive. 

The fact that sellers have to pay these fees on top of losing a portion of every sale is just one reason many content creators opt for different, more affordable, foot pic marketplaces like FunwithFeet. While you still have to pay a listing fee on this platform, it’s less than what you’ll pay on FeetFinder, plus you get to keep 100% of your earnings.

Here’s a breakdown of FeetFinder’s plans including features and pricing. 




If you decide to proceed and pay FeetFinder’s fees, be sure to calculate these plus your lost commission into your budget. Many sellers are forced to increase their listing prices for their content to help counter these overhead fees. 

FeetFinder accepts both Segpay and Paxum which are two of the safest payment methods available. Segpay services users inside the US, whereas Paxum covers international sellers. You can also pay for your subscription using PayPal or any major credit card. 

If you choose a lifetime subscription, not only do you save money but you don’t have to worry about recurring fees or payments. You’ll be automatically charged every month or annually for all other packages. These charges are recurring, so be sure to cancel if you change your mind and decide not to continue using FeetFinder for your foot pic sales. 


Create a Profile

Another important step in signing up and getting started on FeetFinder is creating a stellar profile and sales page that helps you stand out. Because FeetFinder is one of the largest and most well-known foot pic platforms, it’s also one of the most competitive. With an influx of sellers vs buyers, you’ll be hard-pressed to make a name for yourself on this website. Creating a beautiful and captivating profile might increase your chances, though.



Upload both a profile picture and a cover photo. Make sure these are pictures of yourself and not borrowed from someone else or another site. Both photos don’t need to be of your feet, but at least one should. You also don’t need to include your face or body in these pictures but some sellers claim that showing your face can increase your chances of landing a sale. 

Always ensure that the pictures you use are high-resolution and high-quality. This is your opportunity to make a first impression on sellers. If your profile and cover photos are blurry, sloppy, or unattractive, buyers will assume that your content is too. 

Under the “Preferences” and “General” tabs on your sales page, you can enter even more information about yourself including statistics (height, weight, and physical attributes), plus your likes, dislikes, hobbies and niches. Add enough personal detail that buyers feel like they know you, but not so much that you compromise your identity or safety.


Getting Paid on FeetFinder

Once you land a few sales and acquire some money in your wallet, you can request a withdrawal. Unfortunately, this process can prove quite complicated. Unlike other foot pic marketplaces like FunwithFeet where sellers can easily withdraw funds over $50 by putting in a request and waiting 3-5 business days for the money to become available, FeetFinder places a few hurdles in your way.

For starters, new sellers have to wait 4 weeks before making their first withdrawal. That’s nearly a month without income from your foot pic sales. Some sellers report only receiving part of their funds in their first withdrawal with little help from customer support. Others claim their money was frozen for months in their account. They could see the total from their sales but couldn’t access it. Protect yourself by documenting or screenshotting your earnings before requesting a withdrawal to ensure you receive all the money owed to you.

Things to Keep in Mind During the Sign-Up Process

Signing up on FeetFinder isn’t that complicated (unless you download the wrong app!). The basic setup is similar to other foot pic websites, with a few extra steps thrown in. While the ID verification step can make some sellers feel uneasy, it makes buyers feel more comfortable, which could lead to more sales. 

Here are a few more tips to keep in mind when signing up on FeetFinder to increase your chances of making money and getting noticed.


Pay for Boosts

Even after creating a perfect profile, if you’re still struggling to get noticed and land your first sale, FeetFinder lets you “boost” your profile to the top of the results page. Just keep in mind that these boosts cost money and only last for 5 hours at a time. The pricing is as follows.

Use Relevant Tags and Keywords

One major complaint about the FeetFinder platform is that it’s overwhelming and difficult to navigate. One reason is that there are dozens of categories and niches to choose from. While variety can be a great thing, too much of a good thing is oftentimes bad. With bizarre and straight-up confusing categories like 9 toes, bunny, foot dust, and nympho, it can be difficult for buyers to find exactly what they’re looking for.

Simplify the search by only tagging your photos with appropriate tags and keywords. There’s nothing more frustrating for a buyer than clicking on a category only to be met with irrelevant or mislabeled photos. Avoid confusion, frustration, and lost opportunities by tagging your foot content appropriately. 


Price Your Content Reasonably 

Pricing your foot content can be tricky, especially for newbies and even more so for newbies on FeetFinder. That’s because the website charges a monthly fee plus keeps 20% of your sales. On top of that, the market is saturated with sellers. Newcomers face the uphill battle of pricing their content reasonably yet competitively, still making money after all the fees and deductions, and attracting buyers even interested in what they have to offer.

While there’s no standard price for a foot pic, the average photo sells for between $5 and $25. Some websites sell collections or packages, which offer buyers a group of images at a discounted rate. Play around with your prices until you find a sweet spot that is affordable for buyers but still earns you money. You can also look at your competitors for inspiration or a starting-off point when pricing your photos. Just avoid comparing yourself to well-established sellers that have a loyal fanbase. These sellers can charge far more for their content and will likely get their asking price or above. 


Check Out the Competition

In life, you should keep your friends close and your enemies closer. This same theory applies in the foot pic industry. If you’re a beginner considering FeetFinder as your platform of choice, check out some of the other sellers’ pages before getting started. 

How many sales have they made and which of their content is selling best? Use this as a guide and for creative inspiration. That’s not to say you should copy their work exactly. This is immoral and unethical. However, a quick search on the website will show you which categories are most popular, attract the most buyers, and deliver the highest paydays. 


Don’t Overextend Yourself 

A common gripe about FeetFinder is that the website is too large, has too many options, and is overwhelming for both buyers and sellers. This is especially true for new sellers who don’t have a specific niche or expertise. The best piece of advice you can take is not to try and do too much at once. You’ll instantly notice that FeetFinder has hundreds of categories and subcategories to choose from, including bizarre and outlandish ones like 9 toes, ASMR, bimbo, and hungry, just to name a few. 

Don’t get bogged down by these unconventional categories. Stick to what you know and aim to create high-quality content in categories you’re familiar and comfortable with like high heels, barefoot, foot worship, and clean or dirty feet. Other foot pic platforms including FunwithFeet limit the options without limiting your earning potential. By offering foot content in the most popular categories and giving sellers the ability to upload different collections and albums, it increases their chances of getting noticed and landing sales. Many sellers on FeetFinder feel lost in the shuffle, with their profiles getting buried among the masses. 


Be Careful of people with bad intentions

Any online business venture comes with the risk of encountering bots, hackers, and aggressive customers that won’t take no for an answer. The sheer size of the FeetFinder platform makes it more susceptible to people looking for more than just foot content. Because of this, you need to be on high alert.

If you upgrade your plan and start chatting and interacting with buyers, be prepared to encounter more than a few creeps, bots, and potential theifs. Some sellers claim their inboxes are inundated with unsolicited messages from people looking to text or meet up. Others may offer alternative forms of payment or try to convince you to do business outside of the platform. 

This is never a good idea. Once you take the conversation and transaction outside the safety of the FeetFinder platform, you’re no longer protected by the website’s guidelines or admins. FeetFinder’s customer support team won’t interfere or assist you if you get lose outside the platform trying to sell privately to a buyer you met on FeetFinder. These activities also go against the website’s rules and guidelines. 

After all, if you take your business outside the platform, they don’t get their 20% commission. This is technically considered poaching customers and is a quick way to get your FeetFinder account suspended permanently. If you plan to sell on FeetFinder, you need to agree to their rates, accept them, and adjust your foot content prices accordingly to make up for your lost earnings. 


Sign-Up on FeetFinder and Try Your Luck

Selling feet pics can be a fairly lucrative online business but it takes knowledge, practice, and hard work. A few factors can impact how well you succeed including the types of foot pics you sell and in which niches, how consistent and engaged you are, and the platform you sell on. While it’s fine to promote your content on social media, it’s best to only negotiate and receive payments through a secure website with experience in this type of thing.

One such website is FeetFinder. Now that you know how the sign-up process works and the fees associated with using this particular marketplace, you can make an informed decision about your next step (pun intended).

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