Home News Firefighters, Flight attendants Line Up For Covid 19 Vaccine

Firefighters, Flight attendants Line Up For Covid 19 Vaccine


While frontline health workers and nursing home residents are expected to get the first dose of Covid 19 vaccines, the question arises about who is next in line. According to health experts, farmworkers, firefighters, and flight attendants should be given priority over others as they deal with a lot of people in their everyday lives. In this regard, it is essential to protect them at the earliest so that the chain of virus transmission can be broken easily.

Firefighters, Flight attendants Line Up For Covid 19 Vaccine

However, giving priority by profession is not an easy task for the federal authorities as it also depends on where you are living. The federal advisory board is in touch with the CDC to get recommendations in this regard, and they would update the state health departments and governors about the vaccine distribution program.

Firefighters, Flight attendants Line Up For Covid 19 Vaccine

As of now, there is no proper regulation with regards to who should be given the first doses of vaccines. Given the situation, most people who are eager to get the vaccine are lining up at nursing homes and hospitals to get the first doses of the vaccine.

The CDC has said that it will first give priority to health care workers and other medical staff as they deal with a lot of covid-19 positive people. The committee is expected to meet shortly to discuss the next round of vaccine distribution program.

According to experts, the CDC is likely to provide recommendations based on the working area and choose workers in agriculture, public safety, and education for giving the early doses of vaccines. Apart from that, elderly people and others suffering from chronic diseases will also be given priority.

As the supply of vaccines is limited, this is going to be a tough task for the authorities. Experts say that it is important to give priority to teachers and farmworkers as they are not able to work remotely, and they come into contact with many people during the day.

The practical situation is that the states do not have enough supply of vaccines to even cover their top-ranked officials. In a state like California, that has over 40 million residents, the initial supply of around 1 million doses is not even enough to cover the Frontline workers. Even among the health worker category, there is competition among pharmacists and dentists who urge that they should be given priority over others.

This will be a complex process for the federal authorities and the CDC till there is enough supply of vaccine in the market. Disease advocacy groups suggest that people with pre-existing conditions should be given priority as they are at greater risk of death due to coronavirus.

In this regard, the federal authorities may provide some flexibility for States with regards to the vaccine distribution program. Experts suggest that members of the police department and firefighters should be given priority as they deal with many people on a daily basis.

The aviation industry is also lobbying to get the vaccine for flight attendants as this will make travel safer for everyone. In this way, they can safeguard their staff members and ensure that there is no risk to passengers in the long run.

Apart from them, even pharmacists also want to get the initial doses of vaccine as they are working in the Frontline for the last many months during the pandemic. The CDC will consider all these issues in the upcoming meeting and finalize the vaccine distribution program. The availability of more vaccine candidates in the market in the next month will provide some relief to the authorities as they will have more doses of vaccines available for distribution.



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