Florida Ban On Mask Mandates Continues.

Florida Ban On Mask Mandates Continues

Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis has banned mask mandates in schools. A federal judge has refused to block the ban in Florida.

Several states have implemented mask mandates because of the surge in Covid-19 cases among children.Gov. Ron DeSantis issued the order to ban mask mandates in July.

The parents approached the federal court against the ban on mask mandates. The federal judge on Wednesday refused to call out DeSantis’s decision.

Florida Ban On Mask Mandates Continues.

Judge K. Michael Moore denied the request of parents. The parents of disabled children demanded a preliminary injunction against the order.  

The order served as the basis for the Florida Department of Health and gave parents an option to mask or unmask their children in schools. Moore stated that parents should have opted for administrative claims before going to the court against the order.

Matthew Dietz, Plaintiff’s attorney, said that Moore misframed the Supreme Court decision regarding the exhaustion of administrative remedies for disable children. 

Florida Ban On Mask Mandates Continues.

He further added that it takes approximately 75 days for Florida’s administrative remedies to be exhausted. It means that disabled children who will be seriously injured or die by Covid-19 will be unable to return to school safely.

The First District Court of Appeal pointed out that the Tallahassee judge was wrong in lifting the stay on the mask mandate ban. The stay was automatically put in place two days ago. It paused the enforcement of the mask mandate ban. 

The case filed in the state court says that DeSantis cannot order the school authorities to ban mask mandates. Judge John C. Cooper agreed to the statement. But the state continues to appeal the ban.

The state can reimpose its financial penalty on the schools following the mask mandate. At least 12 schools have received the penalties. The school board members who supported mask mandates for students are struggling to get their complete salaries. 

The U.S. Department of Education announced a program that aims to provide funding to schools implementing mask mandates on campus for their students.

The federal agency will also investigate the ban on mask mandates in several states. The agency will investigate if the ban over mask mandates violates federal civil rights laws for protecting disabled students.

In his defense, DeSantis said that the new Parent Bill of Rights law gives parents the freedom to choose if they want to mask their children or not.

School districts implementing mask mandates are open for students to opt out of the mask mandate if they have medical reasons. The mask mandates were put in place to control the spread of the contagious Delta variant. 

The spike in Covid-19 cases in the United cases among children indicates that the Delta variant is dangerous. Children are at higher risk of infection as most of the students are now returning to in-person learning. The Universities are ready to start their new semester in in-person classrooms. 

Children under 12 are ineligible for vaccination, and the danger of infection is more among them. The United States is experiencing an increasing controversy over mask mandates.


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